Registration for Veterans

When registering for classes there are guidelines posted by the Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs that you must follow to receive your Education Benefits. If you do not follow these guidelines the Office of Veteran’s Benefits will not be able to certify one or more of the classes you are enrolled in. In addition to certifying classes, the Office of Veteran’s Benefits is responsible for reporting changes in your enrollment. You should promptly notify the Office of Veteran’s Benefit’s to prevent overpayments. Generally, the VA cannot pay for:

  • Courses that do not lead to the declared degree at the Institution being attended.
  • Courses you complete but receive a grade which will not count towards graduation.
  • Courses that you do not attend.

Once an overpayment is made a debt is created to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs can pursue this debt by:

  • Add interest charges and collection fees to your debt.
  • Withhold future benefits and apply them to your debt.
  • Turn your debt over to a private collection agency.
  • File suit in federal court to collect your debt.
  • Withhold approval of your VA home loan guarantee.
  • Collect the debt from your federal income tax refund


Naomi Shuff
Assistant Director of Veterans Services