External Funding


The External Funding Office helps faculty and staff turn ideas into fundable proposals and projects.

External Funding Office

  • Advises on preparation for visits from funding agencies
  • Provides samples of grant reports
  • Advises on strategies to sustain projects
  • Identifies possible funding streams and advises on how to access them
  • Identifies community organizations and other entities that can support your project
  • Schedules preliminary meetings to help start your project, if requested
  • Troubleshoots problems
  • Monitors submissions of grant reports to funding entities
  • Provides technical assistance

Copies of all grant reports must be sent to the External Funding and Contract Office.


Grant Development Steps

  1. Have an idea for a project and find a grant to fund it.
  2. Complete the Pre-Proposal Short Form for grants $100,000 or less
 Complete the Pre-Proposal Concept Form for grants $100,001 or more
  3. The Pre-Proposal Approval Routing approved by immediate supervisor, Dean, Vice President.
  4. Refine project design and begin writing full proposal with input of all grant participants.
  5. Write the grant proposal if you receive authorization to do so.
  6. The grant proposal undergoes review:
    1. Human Resources reviews hiring procedures, job descriptions and salary
    2. The grants accountant reviews the budget, sustainability, in-kind, and match
    3. The grants office reviews the entire proposal
    4. Your supervisor reviews the entire proposal
    5. After the review, make any necessary changes to the application
President Muse signs the completed application.
Submit the completed proposal to the funding entity.

Grant Resource Center

At the Grants Resource Center, we:

  • Maintain a list of possible grant resources and opportunities
  • Maintain sample copies of grant proposals for review
  • Maintain copies of all submitted grant applications
  • Maintain a file of information pertaining to federal and state regulations for grant submission and compliance
  • Provide Grant Proposal Approval Guidelines
  • Provide assistance in grant writing when time and work load allow

At the Grants Clearinghouse, we:

  • Provide and review the Pre-Proposal Concept Form and the Pre
  • Proposal Short Form for grant seekers
  • Assist with local and regional clearinghouse, as needed

The Evaluation Center for grants:

  • Reviews application components to ensure compliance with the college’s Strategic Goals
  • Ensures that the proper signatures and contacts are on the grant applications and submitted reports

The Monitor of funded grant projects:

  • Meets with grant project directors on a regular basis to ascertain grant progress/needs
  • Tracks the submission of reports to funding agencies
  • Maintains copies of reports sent to funding agencies

Planning Process

The External Funding Office uses a planning process to identify grants that support the college’s Strategic Goals. We confer with administrators, staff, and faculty to identify needs and funding priorities.

When selecting a grant to apply for, the following issues are considered:

  • The degree to which the grant supports the College’s Strategic Goals, mission, and vision
  • The degree to which the grant addresses specific programming needs
  • The match and/or requirements (if any) and the College’s ability to meet them
  • The prospects of obtaining an award
  • The college’s ability to operate a project funded by the grant
  • Faculty or administrator capacity and interest to contribute to the grant writing process

The President Cabinet, under the direction of President Muse, has the responsibility of discussing and reviewing most proposed grant ideas, projects, and activities prior to proposal development and establishing consensus on all grant-related issues that have college-wide impact.

Additional Grant Resources

Listed below are links to both grantors and grant seekers resources. This list is by no means exhaustive, but is rather a starting point. Though some grants are cyclical in nature, many grant opportunities are made available on a variable schedule with varying parameters. Frequent checking of grantors’ Web sites is one way of finding new grant opportunities. It is often possible to join an email list for notifications of new grant listings which may expedite the grant search process.

The Office of External Funding can also assist in your search. Please consult with the Office of External Funding before beginning any grant writing activities.

Federal Government

Additional Links

Externally Funded Grants and Contracts Committee

Function: The committee will serve as a district-wide voice ensuring the college and its students receive the maximum benefit from its efforts to secure external funding to support the mission and goals of Hinds Community College. Responsibilities of the committee will include:

  • To study and make recommendations for policy and procedures relative to grants submission and approval.
  • To promote awareness and encourage faculty and staff participation in the securing of external funding to support the college mission and annual initiatives.
  • To review and make recommendations to the college President and Board of Trustees regarding submission of grant applications and acceptance of grant funds.
  • To serve on various and ad hoc committees that will provide leadership in determining optimum opportunities for seeking external funding.


Chairperson: TBD – District – 601-857-3751

Raymond Campus

Vice President for Advancement and Student Services – Randall Harris – District – 601-857-3889
Vice President for Business Services – Dr. Vic Parker – District – 601-857-3961
Grants Accountant – Myra McLendon – District – 601-857-3843
Foundation Coordinator of Special Projects/Donor Relations – Tracy Morgan – District – 601-857-3800
Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness – District – 601-857-3357

Jackson Campus-Nursing/Allied Health Center

Dean, Nursing/Allied Health Center – Kathy Elliott – 601-376-4950

Rankin Campus

Vice President for Rankin Campus/Director of Occupational Programs – Dr. Norman Sessions – 601-936-5555
Dean, Student Affairs – Kashanta Jackson – 601-936=5552
Dean, Post-Secondary Career/Technical – Sherry Franklin – 601-936-5550

Jackson Campus Academic/Technical Center

Dean – Dr. Leroy Levy – 601-987-8103
Academic Dean – Dr. Shakira Cain-Bell – 601-987-8109
Assistant Dean – Angela Griffin – 601-987-8162

Utica Campus/Vicksburg-Warren Campus

Academic Dean – Dr. Marquise Loving – 601-885-7003
Title III Coordinator – Dr. Mitchell Shears – 601-885-7024
Dean, Vicksburg-Warren Campus – Marvin Moak – 601-629-6804

Faculty Representatives

Utica Campus – Mathematics Instructor – Daniel Fuller – 601-885-7097
Jackson Campus – Academic/Technical Center – TBD
Rankin Campus – Marketing Management Technology Instructor – David Rose – 601-936-5579


Dr. Victor Parker
Vice President of Finance
P: 601-857-3961