Student Services

The Support You Need

The Division of Student Services works together to provide support to students, faculty, and the general public. The primary goal is to support what takes place in academic, technical, career, and continuing education programs of the college. This includes services for virtual, dual-enrolled, and nontraditional students.

Student Services wants you to become an active member of the collegiate community by offering something for everyone through organizations, activities, and a wide variety of programs. Visit any campus Student Services Office to discover opportunities, find assistance, and get involved.


Learning Assistance

Student Success Center

Comprehensive services to support you from your first semester through graduation. Enjoy a student friendly work environment where you can work on your own, in groups, or with a lab specialist or tutor.

Math Lab

Our math labs are open for students registered in any math course. We offer free tutoring services in-person or virtually.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a free tutorial service for Hinds CC students. Working individually with students, tutors offer assistance with any type of written work by talking through assignments, asking questions, and discussing recurring errors.

Student Success Center

Utica Campus

Our Student Success Center on the Utica campus is designed to assist students in transitioning into the workforce or to a 4-year college or university.


Deandre House
Associate Vice President of Student Services/Dean of Students & Dean of Students for the Raymond Campus