Workforce Training

Workforce – 21st Century Skills

Our objective is to provide workforce training as well as career and technical education to the people located in Hinds CC’s district. It is our goal to ensure our population has the 21st century skills needed to secure, retain and advance in their chosen career pathway providing an improved quality of life.

Logging Academy

The Logging Academy is an 8 to 16-week program designed to equip students with little or no experience to become logging equipment operators with safety certifications.

Commercial Truck Driving

Train for employment with KLLM or for stackability paired with other Career and Technical programs.

Deckhand River Barge Training

The only program of its kind in Mississippi, students receive specialized training that prepares them for a career on the water.

Manufacturing Training

Enroll in the Basic Manufacturing Skills Certificate program.

Coding Academy

The Coding Academy is a one-year program, cohort model unique to Mississippi. ERDC and Hinds worked to develop a curriculum that would satisfy the needs of the community.

Training Calendar

We offer a wide variety of training courses to meet the needs of today’s workforce. Take a look at our current courses and register today.

Innovative Student Support


Gain foundational skills for careers by mixing career training with additional educational support.

Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Assistance for qualifying students for approved Career-Technical Programs.

Work-Based Learning

Providing paid, on-the-job work experience or Career and Technical students at Hinds CC.

Further Your Employability

Increase your employability skills by transitioning into college-level programs.

National, state, and professional certifications, licensure, admissions, and credentialing exams are given here.

Required testing for all Career and Technical students; the (CRC) is a credential that measures workplace skills.


David Creel
Associate Vice President of Workforce
Josh Bower
Dean of Agriculture and Transportation
Director of Talent: Workforce and Economic
Lindsey Stanton
Workforce Administrative Assistant and Admissions Navigator