Work-Based Learning


Work-Based Learning is an educational/training program for Career and Technical students at Hinds CC that provides paid, on-the-job work experience. All students must be recommended by their major instructor, and all work experience must be in the field of their major. Students must complete an application process, which includes an agreement signed by the employer, the instructor, the student and the Work-Based Learning Coordinator. Students work a minimum of 15 hours a week and receive semester hour credit depending on the number of hours worked.

Our program also provides existing employees the opportunity to sharpen and expand skills while receiving college credit, which could lead to more job security and advancement.

The courses in this framework are used as electives in many other curricula frameworks for other Post-Secondary Career and Technical Education programs. All Work Based Learning students shall be aware of and comply with business/industry safety standards and regulations for employability within their field of study.

Student Benefits

  • Application of classroom learning in real-world setting
  • Establishment of a clear connection between school and work
  • Improvement of their post-graduation employment opportunities
  • Development and practice of positive work-related habits and attitudes including the ability to think critically, solve problems, work in terms, and resolve issues
  • Assessment and understanding of the expectations of the workplace
  • Establishment of professional contacts for future employment
  • Expansion and refinement of their technical skills
  • Participation in authentic, job-related tasks
  • Observation of all demeanor and procedures of workplace professionals

Employer Benefits

Our program exists to meet the needs of career-technical and academic students, employers and college instructors by providing a service which enables students to gain academic credit for work-site employment that is parallel to their major field of study. The WBL/COE/SWE program provides students with the opportunity to translate classroom theories into practical applications on the job.

As a perspective employer of the Work-Based Learning/Cooperative Education/Supervised Work Experience and Internships program, we consider you to be a valuable part of our student’s educational experience. Students in the WBL/COE/SWE courses are required to work for the entire semester unless circumstances make the continuation of their employment impossible. The employer, student, advisor/instructor, and WBL/COE/SWE coordinator work together to agree on one of the work schedules outlined below:

  • Parallel – The student works a minimum of 45 hours per semester and attends classes for Work-Based Learning students. Cooperative educations students must work a minimum of 90 hours per semester.These hours qualify the student for the minimal 1 sch course in each of the programs. By increasing the number of hours worked students may earn up to 4 sch for their work experience.
  • Alternating – The student works full-time for one semester, returns to school for a semester, and then works another semester.

How to Qualify

To Qualify for Work-Based Learning you must:

  • Be a Career or Technical major
  • Secure approval by your major instructor to take this course
  • Be employed in a field that is the same as your declared major
  • Work the following hours:
    • 1 SH = 45-89 hours work per semester
    • 2 SH= 90-134 hours work per semester
    • 3 SH=135 or more hours of work per semester
    • Students in qualified programs receiving credit for up to 4 SH credits must show documentation for 180 hours of work. Note: The last digit in the course equals the number of semester credit hours. For example: 1901 = 1 SH
  • Complete the entire application packet, which includes:
    • Application form,
    • Employer Information and description of what you do at work,
    • Agreement Form signed by the student, major instructor, and employer.

All forms must be completed (do not leave any section blank) and turned in to the Work-Based Learning office on the Raymond campus no later than the second week of class.

Employment Changes

If any employment changes occur during the semester, for example, change of
workplace, change of supervisor, hours worked, etc, you must notify this office

Failure to adhere to these regulations may result in your failing the class.


The following are the requirements for successful completion of WBL courses.
Failure to complete any one of these items in the time-frame given on the Course Policy will have a negative effect on the student’s grade and may result in an “F” for the course.

  • Completed WBL Application Packet with current paycheck stub documenting employment/hours worked per week to verify the student is enrolled in the correct WBL course.
  • The student must enroll in Hinds Community College/College Central Network and upload a WLB Coordinator approved Personal Resume to the Hinds Community College/College Central Network.
  • Documentation of Worksite hours (Turn in paycheck stubs indicating the number of hours worked).
  • Career Technical Student Employer Evaluation (Employer must complete and return 2 per semester at midterm/final).

How to Register

To register for the program contact a member of the WBL staff directly to verify eligibility, complete the application process, and complete their Education & Training Agreement no later than the first week of the semester.

After the first two weeks of the semester, students who have not completed all eligibility requirements listed above will be dropped from the program.


Robert Allen
Director of Work Based Learning, Supervised Work, and Cooperative Education
Vicksburg and Utica
Rod Mallett
Work Based Learning Coordinator
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