Deaf Services

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program was established in 1986 through a joint agreement between Hinds Community College and the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Hinds Community College proudly provides Deaf and Hard of Hearing students qualified and highly skilled American Sign Language Interpreters. Our interpreters are devoted to providing quality interpreting services that meets the academic and vocational needs of our students. Our services play a critical role in the success of students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

The primary purpose of our services is to make sure our Deaf and Hard of Hearing students have equal access to the full college experience. Hinds Community College provides interpreting services for all co-curricular activities including (but not limited to): student/teacher conferences, group projects, and residence hall meetings. Our interpreting services strive to make the student’s tenure a phenomenal experience.

Interpreter Role and Responsibilities

Role: The interpreter’s role is to facilitate communication between students and college faculty and staff.


  • Be in class on time
    If the student is not in class when interpreter arrives, the interpreter will leave after 15 minutes.
  • The interpreter, student and teacher will decide on the best place for the interpreter to sit.
  • Interpret all material presented as accurately as possible.
  • Voice student responses as accurately as possible for the instructor or staff member.
  • Utilize the Professional Code of Conduct in all behavior and activities. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Accurately rendering the message and faithfully conveying the content and spirit of the speaker.
  • Using communication most readily understood by the students.
  • Abstain from counseling, advising or interjecting your personal opinion.
  • Dress appropriately; making use of interpreter smocks when necessary.

Student Role and Responsibilities

Role: The student’s role is simply to be the learner. The student is in the classroom for the sole purpose of learning.


  • Be on time for all class meetings
  • Sit in a place that provides the best view of the interpreter.
  • Ask the instructor if you have any questions relating to class materials.
  • Refrain from personal conversations with interpreter during class time.
  • Notify Disability Support Services (DSS) if you will require a tutor or notetaking service.
  • If you have difficulty understanding the interpreter, discuss it with the interpreter. If this does not solve the problem, then go to the Lead Interpreter.
  • If the interpreter fails to show up, notify the Lead Interpreter.
  • If you have any problems with your note taker or tutor, contact DSS
  • Let your interpreter know if:
  • You will be absent
  • Your class is canceled
  • There will be a movie or slide shown in the class
  • You will be making a presentation or speech.


Loretta Sutton
District Director of Disability & Interpreting Services
Lead Interpreter