Community Learning Internship Cluster


The Utica Campus of Hinds Community College, in conjunction with the Community Learning Partnership (a subsidiary of Kellogg Foundation), is offering service learning opportunities to expose our students to the avenues and processes that occur in the non-profit industry as it relates to empowering community patrons.

We seek to create pathways that will ensure our students are actively in-tune with their communities and residents while creating relatable experiences to build their sensitivity and voice as community change agents and social justice mediators. Service learning is a process which immerses students in community service activities applicable to their academic and personal development.

To enhance the dedicated instruction that is received in the classroom, these opportunities will also provide a valuable resource to community non-profit businesses while exposing students to the situations and circumstances that arise and possibly inhibit citizens’ pursuits of their personal freedoms.

The Community Learning Internship Cluster (CLIC) is an opportunity for students to receive hands-on, guided experiences in their career field of interest. Under close supervision, interns will participate in structured learning experiences that allow them to learn the consequences and rewards of their decisions, to engage intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially with professionals in their field of study, and to reflect, analyze, and synthesize relevant information that is critical to the completion of their goals.

Qualifying Requirements for student participation
  • Active full-time student at the Hinds – Utica Campus.
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Upload a 1-page essay discussing the importance of being a community advocate and change agent as relates to their career choice.
  • Complete Online CLIC Internship Interest Form
  • Upload a current résumé.
  • Complete and submit the Letter of Agreement to Dr. Loving during the initial interview.
Upon selection, the student will:
  • Attend a Professional Development Workshop to meet prospective business partners.
  • Enroll in academic LEA course associated with CLIC to receive a letter grade for his/her work.
  • Complete the Hinds Hiring Packet for Part-time Employees.
Host Organization/Liaison Responsibilities
  1. Complete the Internship Provider Application.
  2. Identify an individual liaison to work closely with the intern supervisor; the liaison must have the knowledge and an educational and/or professional background in the industry of the internship to work with the supervisor. Liaison must attend the Professional Development Workshop to meet prospective interns.
  3. Agree to comply with the Hinds Community College Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment policies in all interactions with the student intern.
  4. Ensure that the intern is provided with a safe workspace in a professional office, not located in a private residence or non-commercial setting.
  5. Ensure that no more than 25% of the intern’s duties involve clerical work.
  6. Ensure that the student intern does not perform inappropriate tasks, such as maintenance duties or personal errands for host organization employees.
  7. Submit two performance evaluations to the student intern’s Departmental Internship Coordinator during the course of the semester to be used in determining the student’s course grade in the LEA course.

For additional information, you can visit Community Learning Partnership.


Marquise Kessee, Ph.D.
Dean of Instruction, Utica Campus