March 20, 2019

Hinds CC Rankin Campus inducts new Phi Theta Kappa members

Rankin PTK inducts new members for spring 2019
BY: Danny Barrett Jr.

PEARL – The Alpha Omicron Omega Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Hinds Community College’s Rankin Campus inducted new members and officers for the spring semester.

Spring 2019 Rankin PTK inductees and current members

Inductees and current members include, front row, from left, Xin Xin Huang, of China, Stacy Crump, of Wiggins, Araceli Torres, of Pearl, Makiya Outlaw, of Brandon, Ariadna Santos, of Morton, Andrea Gonzalez Lopez, of Brandon; second row, Amber Williams, of Brandon, Ashlyn Rader, of Puckett, Abagael Mathis, of Brandon, Marlee Shows, of Pearl, Erica Pierce, of Pearl; third row, from left, Caleb Ries, of Florence, Makenzie Downs, of Puckett, Jacob Hovas, of Brandon, Maxwell Stringer, of Crystal Springs, Kaitlyn Nowell, of Carthage, Sarah McElray, of Brandon, Taylor Stapleton, of Pearl, Conner Case, of Brandon, Tori Clark, of Florence; fourth row, from left, Gabbi Walters, of Pelahatchie, Martin Hillman, of Jackson, Shelby McLaurin, of Brandon, Shrell McLaurin, of Brandon, Jordan Fortenberry, of Brandon, Mercedes Washington, of Pearl, Glen Smith, of Jackson, Jay Berrios, of Brandon, Shamar Tensley,of Indianapolis, Ind.; fifth row, from left, Antara Sharma, of Brandon, Hannah Pitts, of Brandon, Gage Ladner, of Brandon, Mackenzie Sumrall Griffin, of Brandon, Joshua Kranz, of Richland; sixth row, from left, Alex Burrell, of Richland, Kaden Ricks, of Brandon, and Brandon Harrison, of Pearl.

Spring 2019 Rankin PTK officers

Officers this semester are, front row, from left, Amber Williams, of Brandon, Ashlyn Rader, of Puckett, Anna Pate, of Brandon, Bethany Hill, of Brandon; second row, from left, Makenzie Downs, of Brandon, Antara Sharma, of Brandon, Cabel Ries, of Florence, and Gabbi Walters, of Pelahatchie.

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for community and junior college students. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is extended to students who have a 3.5 cumulative grade point average or above on 12 or more transferrable credit hours. There are more than 1,200 Phi Theta Kappa chapters throughout the United States and abroad.

For more information about Phi Theta Kappa at Hinds, go to, email Faculty Adviser Joy Rhoads at or follow the society’s Hinds chapter on Twitter at @HindsRankinPTK. The new Honors Institute program at the Rankin Campus may be followed at @HCCHonorsRankin.