Phi Theta Kappa


With 1,350 chapters at two-year colleges across the world, Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honor society in higher education. Members enjoy many exclusive benefits and opportunities for scholarship. The organization not only recognizes and encourages scholarly endeavors but also provides opportunities for leadership development, networking, community service, and FUN!

Employers and universities across the country recognize that Phi Theta Kappa denotes excellence. If you wish to distinguish yourself and to stand out in the crowd, then Phi Theta Kappa is for you. Your membership in Phi Theta Kappa will be noted on your Hinds CC transcript. Also, you earn the right to wear a gold Phi Theta Kappa stole and tassel during HCC graduation ceremonies.

Who can join?

When you earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 on at least 12 transferable credit hours earned at Hinds, you can join Phi Theta Kappa. You should receive an invitation through the mail, but if you don’t hear from your chapter’s advisor, seek out that individual yourself and start the paperwork. Don’t delay membership! As soon as you earn that 3.5, fill out the paperwork and join. If you should happen to have an unlucky semester and drop to a 3.49 cumulative GPA, then membership is no longer open to you. Students must maintain at least a 3.25 GPA to remain a member in good standing.


Obtain a copy of the application from your advisor or the Honors Institute and download 2 copies of the Letter of Recommendation form. Complete the paperwork and return it to your chapter’s advisor.

What about fees?

The membership fee for joining is a one-time-only, lifetime membership fee. Financial aid or scholarships may be used to pay this membership fee. Contact the Business Office on your campus for details. Your payment of this membership fee is a wise investment in yourself.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships

Over 700 colleges and universities across the U.S. recognize that Phi Theta Kappa members are serious students. These schools provide over $37 million annually through members-only transfer scholarships. You simply have to be a member in good standing to earn a scholarship ranging from $2,000 to $7,000 a year at one of Mississippi’s colleges and universities. That’s a phenomenal rate of return for a $105 membership fee!

If you elect to become active in Phi Theta Kappa, you can also earn special leadership and academic scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $30,000 a year. Phi Theta Kappa membership is an investment in your future. Visit

Mississippi PTK Transfer Scholarships

What will my Phi Theta Kappa chapter do?
Chapters are student-led and are as active as their members so choose. The Phi Theta Kappa website provides ideas for activities that are both educational and fun.

Last year, Hinds CC chapters reached out to help many local community agencies, including the Salvation Army, the Jackson Zoo, and the MS Museum of Natural Science. Members ran voter registration drives, game-day recycling efforts, and volunteered as academic tutors on campus. Chapter members traveled to the International Honors Institute in Chicago, Illinois and to the Phi Theta Kappa International Convention in Nashville, TN. Just as Hinds has been celebrating our Centennial year, Phi Theta Kappa has begun to do the same for 2018. The celebration will culminate in the International Convention in Kansas City, Missouri next April. Phi Theta Kappans are always on the go, with plenty of opportunities for fun and chances to give back to their communities.

How much of my time will membership require?

Some Phi Theta Kappa members choose to devote many hours to chapter activities, and they will find that they grow exponentially in skills that employers are seeking. Other members elect not to participate at all in chapter activities. The choice is yours.


Each Phi Theta Kappa chapter elects a slate of officers for the academic year. If you are interested in developing your leadership skills, talk to your advisor about this unique opportunity. Take advantage of this opportunity to build a strong résumé. You may even have the opportunity to enroll in the Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Development Program and earn extra scholarship money while enrolled at Hinds.


Each Hinds CC campus/location has a Phi Theta Kappa chapter and an advisor. Contact the Honors Institute (601-857-3837) or the chapter advisor on your campus for more information.


Jackson ATC
Alpha Zeta Omega
Dr. Phatia McClellan
P: 601-987-8174

Nursing & Allied Health Center
Alpha Iota Kappa
Jocelyn Washington
P: 601-376-4802

Alpha Omicron Omega
Joy Rhoads
P: 601-936-1992

Amanda McKeown
P: 601-936-1992

Donna Lawrence
P: 601-936-1992

Gamma Lambda
Cheryl Bozeman
P: 601-857-3837

Debbie McCollum,
Primary Contact Advisor
P: 601-857-3663

Johannah Williams
P: 601-857-3659

Tim Krason
P: 601-857-3894

Jack Hite
P: 601-857-3468

Alpha Beta Xi
Beverly Trimble
P: 601-885-7136

Apryl Trimble
P: 601-885-7103

Denise Taylor
P: 601-885-7006

Alpha Omega Chi
Sarah Nichols
P: 601-629-6858

Margaret Bell
P: 601-629-6856