College Transfer Students

Welcome to Hinds! Whether you are just picking up a few classes, finishing up a degree, or changing careers, we are happy to be a part of your educational journey. If you have attempted classes at another college or university, we consider you a College Transfer Student (even if you did not receive any college credit.) Use these FAQs to guide you through your admission to Hinds!


How do I apply?
  1. Create an Applicant Account and submit an application for General Admission. You will only be permitted to apply once per semester.
  2. After you apply, log back into the applicant portal to view your admission status and action items. As you submit admission documents, monitor the receipt of them in your applicant portal!
What are the admission requirements?

A College Transfer Student must meet the following general admission requirements:

Transcript Requirements

  • Submit the official transcript from the most recent college you attended.
    • If you submit an in-progress transcript while enrolled at another college, you must submit another official transcript after your final grades have been posted.
    • If you are currently on Academic Suspension from the most recent college, you may be required to sit out one regular semester (fall or spring) before enrolling at Hinds.
  • If you wish to receive transfer credit from colleges other than the most recent college attended, you must submit each official college transcript.
  • Even if you have attended Hinds or another college in the past, you must hold a valid high school diploma or equivalency diploma to be granted admission. Therefore, an official high school transcript may be requested if your diploma must be validated for either admissions or financial aid purposes. If so, you will be notified through your Applicant Portal.

Test Score Requirements

  • If the official college transcript you submit shows a “D” or higher in three (3) credit hours of both English and Math, test scores are not required for general admission.
  • If the transcript you submit does not show a “D” or higher in both English and Math, you must submit one of the following: 1) an official transcript from another college(s) showing the appropriate college credit, 2) official ACT or SAT scores, or 3) take the Accuplacer at any Hinds campus.

Please note: The high school information you provide on your application is subject to validation. Students with an occupational diploma may have limited admission and financial aid opportunities. Students with a high school certificate are not granted general admission.

Is there an admissions deadline?

Yes, all admission documents must be submitted by the following deadlines:

  • Fall semester: August 1
  • Spring semester: January 1
  • Summer semester: May 15

It is possible to register for classes during Early Registration (before the Admission Document Deadline), but all documents are due by the published deadline or you may be at risk of losing your class schedule.

To register during Late Registration (after the Admission Document Deadline), you must be fully admitted, meaning all admission documents must already be submitted and processed by the Office of Admissions.

How do I submit official transcripts?

To complete your admission, the transcripts you submit to Hinds must be “official”. Official transcripts are those that are sent directly from your school to Hinds in an approved method. Emailed and faxed transcripts, even if sent from your school, are not accepted.

Hinds accepts official transcripts in these ways:

  • Electronically: Your school may send an electronic transcript (different than email) if they use a secure, third-party transcript service agency, such as Parchment, eScript, or National Student Clearinghouse. When you request an electronic transcript, select the PDF option and your transcript will be transmitted to Hinds through a secure site and available for us to download. If a Hinds email address is required when you submit a request for an official electronic transcript, you may provide Do not send the transcript to yourself and then forward it to Hinds.
  • By Mail: Your school may mail an official, sealed transcript to this address: Hinds Community College, Office of Admissions, PO Box 1100, Raymond, MS 39154. Do not mail a transcript that has already been opened from its original sealed envelope.

Submitting official test scores:

  • We accept ACT and SAT scores if they are documented on an official high school transcript.
  • We also accept electronic score reports sent to us directly from the National ACT or College Board.
  • We do not accept copies of scores that you or your school email.

Please note:

  • If you submit a college transcript showing any “in-progress” coursework, you will need to submit another official transcript after your grades are posted.
  • Get more Transcript Tips.
    How do I know if I am accepted?
    • All students who meet the minimum general admission requirements are accepted to Hinds CC!
    • After the Office of Admissions accepts your application, you will receive an Acceptance Email containing your Hinds ID and My.Hinds/Navigator login instructions.
    • You should also check your Applicant Portal regularly to monitor the receipt of your admission requirements.
    How do I register for classes?

    Registering for classes is a part of the enrollment process in which admitted students meet with an Advisor to discuss their program of study and career plans and make their class schedule.

    When registration opens for the semester in which you plan to enroll, eligible students should initiate advisement and registration in one of these ways:

    1. Visit any Hinds campus during business hours. No appointment is necessary!
    2. Request Remote Advisement. If you submit a remote advisement request, an Advisor will reach out to you several business days later via your Hinds email account. So, check it regularly!

    You will not be able to register yourself in your Navigator account until you have been advised.

    Learn More About Registration

    Will Hinds accept transfer credits from my previous college?

    We accept transfer credit from state and regionally accredited colleges and universities provided the courses correspond to the curriculum in your program of study at Hinds.

    For coursework from institutions that are not state and regionally accredited, the student bears the responsibility to provide the following information to our Registrar’s Office before a review of the course(s) is conducted to determine if transfer credit may be given:

    • The course syllabus.
    • The appropriate catalog page with the course description.
    • The official faculty credentials of the instructor of each course being reviewed.

    How many credits can transfer?
    Courses and credits up to 46 semester hours (or the equivalent thereof: one-quarter hour is equivalent to .67 semester hours) will be accepted as they correspond to the curriculum in your program of study at Hinds. A student must complete at least 25% of their program at Hinds in order to graduate with the appropriate certificate or degree.

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