Meet Your Recruiters

We are here to guide you through the enrollment process and help you make a smooth transition to Hinds. We invite you to contact us with any questions regarding your admissions and enrollment.

Reggie Harris
Recruiting Coordinator
P: 601-857-3385
Heather Curtis
Recruiter, Enrollment Specialist
P: 601-857-3792
Shane Brown
Adult Recruiter
P: 601-857-3431
Emily Mitchell
High School Recruiter
P: 601-857-3620
Tiffany Johnson
Nursing/Allied Health Recruiter
P: 601-376-4804
Jez Massey
Recruiter, Scholarship Specialist
P: 601-857-3744
Donny Epting
Utica Campus Recruiter
P: 601-885-7009
Erin Abney
Rankin Campus Recruiter
P: 601-936-5525


Kathryn Cole
Dean of Enrollment Services
P: 601-857-3502