Registration Periods

Early April to late-May (for summer terms)
Early April to early August (for fall term)
Late October to early-January (for spring term)

Prior to your first semester of enrollment, you will be advised by a Hinds CC counselor in your chosen field of study as to what courses you need. You can then use web registration to create your class schedule, or a counselor or advisor can do it for you.

Late Registration

Late registration occurs during the first few days of each semester. Students registering during late registration will incur additional fees. Students are encouraged to register early to avoid lines and filled classes. 

Before registering, you must complete all admission requirements.


The registration fee is no longer required prior to registration. The fee is due on the payment due date along with all other fees. The payment due date is ten days prior to the start of traditional classes.


Students who have not paid in full by the payment due date will lose their classes if they have not met one of the following conditions:

  • Paid all fees in full,
  • Entered into a payment plan with the Business Office, or
  • Have been awarded financial aid or scholarships.

Student who register after the payment due date must pay in full, enter into a payment plan, or have pending financial aid at the time of registration. To enter into a payment plan, please contact the Business Office at any of our six locations.

Payment Deadlines

The payment due date is ten days prior to the start of traditional classes.

Additional Notes

  • Until the day classes begin you may change your schedule free of charge by accessing Web registration through your My.Hinds account.
  • Any class for which fewer than ten (10) students enroll by the beginning of the term is subject to cancellation.
  • Every effort will be made to find you another section of the same course or a suitable substitute.
  • Changes in instructor and/or meeting room may be made without advanced notice.

Registration Locations

  • Jackson ATC – Bivens Hall, Counseling Office
  • Nursing & Allied Health – Anderson Hall
  • Rankin – Administration Classroom Building
  • Raymond- Denton Hall (Student Services Building)
  • Utica – Walter Washinton Hall
  • Vicksbug – Banks Building, Room 10


P: 601-857-3212
F: 601-857-3539

Financial Aid
P: 601-857-3223
F: 601-857-3605

Business Office
P: 601-857-3205
F: 601-857-1216