Proctored Testing

Proctored Testing Policy

All online courses taught by Hinds CC are required to have at least two proctored exams. A proctored exam is scheduled with a “proctor” in a secure testing environment. The proctor will receive a password that will allow the student to test for their scheduled course. Please see your course schedule for when to schedule these tests. It is highly recommended that you schedule all of your appointments at the start of each semester. You can learn how to schedule a proctored exam here.

Testing Location Other Than Mississippi Community Colleges

Students who will not be testing at any of the community colleges in the state of Mississippi will need to contact the Distance Learning office to setup a testing site. The student will need to do this at the start of every term; the approval process takes about a week. Please do not wait until a few days before the exam ends to do this. It is the student’s responsibility to locate a testing site. Libraries will not be approved.

Once the student has located a testing site, they will need to send the following information to:

  1. Name of testing site.
  2. Name, email address, phone and fax number of the proctor.
  3. The student must also provide their name, ID number, phone number, and course/test information in the email.


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