Scope of Work

The General Legal Counsel serves as the District’s chief legal advisor and is responsible for oversight of assigned legal activities involving the District. General Legal Counsel, though, may advise the Board of Trustees of potential legal problems.

The General Legal Counsel provides legal services to the District, as authorized by the Board of Trustees including legal advice, research, training, and opinions to the Board of Trustees. The General Counsel works closely with the Board of Trustees and other designated administrators and reports directly to the Board of Trustees.

The General Legal Counsel is responsible for the oversight of all litigation involving the District, including hearings and arbitrations. The General Legal Counsel works to ensure that legal services are provided in a manner that serves the District’s best interests.

The General Legal Counsel attends regular and special meetings of the Board as directed by the board and be available for consultation as needed.

The General Legal Counsel provides additional legal reports and advice as requested by Board of Trustees.