JACKSON – The family-like atmosphere of Hinds Community College was an appropriate setting for Adrionna Childress to begin her college education and career goals.

“I needed a small, yet open environment to grow and continue to learn,” said Childress, of Jackson, a student at the Jackson Campus-Academic/Technical Center. “With various opportunities here at Hinds, I was bound to flourish and make great memories and connections with people.”

Adrionna Childress

Adrionna Childress

Childress is pursuing a career in early childhood education, then work toward a master’s degree in the field while teaching preschool. She has big plans to open her own children’s learning center and credits the instruction at Hinds to make all that possible.

“My Marriage and Family instructor, Sharon Turner, has been so helpful and supportive to all her students,” she said, adding the level of attention she receives from instructors like Turner has remained high during the conversion to online classes amid the coronavirus crisis. “Whenever we have questions, she always finds us adequate answers and her Zoom calls are the highlight of my week.”

While at Hinds, Childress has been recognized for her achievement in several ways, including being named Who’s Who Among Hinds students and among 28 students given 3E Awards for spring 2020. The designation stands for Emphasis on Excellence and Enrichment and the student must carry a 3.5 GPA or higher.

Childress was among the legions of students at Hinds this past spring whose face-to-face classes were put online after campuses closed in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“My transition to online classes hasn’t always been easiest, as most of my classes are hands-on,” she said. “However, I have adjusted and I’m looking forward to receiving my degree with honors.”

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