The Pearl/Rankin Career and Technical Center at Hinds Community College’s Rankin Campus recently inducted students into the National Technical Honor Society.

NTHS was established in 1984 in South Carolina for outstanding career and technical students of workforce vocational educational institutions in the United States. It serves more than 3,800 high schools and colleges in all 50 states.

The organization’s goals are to honor achievements of leading career and technical education students, to provide scholarships and cultivate excellence in today’s skilled workforce. NTHS works with other career-technical student organizations of which Hinds is a member.

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The students and high schools they represent are, front row from left, Kaileigh Waltman, Pearl High School; Kelly Ponder, Puckett; Courtney Morgigno, Pearl; Daiesha Herbert, Brandon; Shariel Franklin, Pearl; Kayla Anastasio, Pearl; Latonya Bacon, Pearl; Ashley Cater, Florence; Josie Halter, Pearl; Chloe Hollis, Northwest Rankin; Sarah Jones, Brandon; Maranda Magee, Brandon;

second row, Glenisha Woolfolk, Pearl; Jordan Broome, Brandon; Portia Britton, Pearl; Alyssa Bradshaw, McLaurin; Breanna Barnett, McLaurin; Mary Decell, Pearl; Landon Hardwick, Northwest Rankin; Madison Martin, Brandon; Alicia Perry, Brandon;

third row, Karra Lowry, Pearl; Veronica Jackson, Northwest Rankin; Jessica Smith, Pelahatchie; Kerra Hastings, Northwest Rankin; Nicolas Kuhn, Brandon; Devin Longo, Richland and Victoria Walters, Puckett;

back row, Roby Vasquez, Pearl; Gabrielle Brown, Brandon; Molly Goode, Richland; Rachael Clements, Northwest Rankin; Christian Ivy, Brandon; Gabrielle Hulin, Brandon; Ryan Tutor, Brandon; Hamilton Allen, Pearl; Denise Campbell, Richland and William Rodgers, Puckett.


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Hinds Community College is celebrating its 100th year of Community Inspired Service in 2017. Hinds opened in September 1917 first as an agricultural high school and admitted college students for the first time in 1922, with the first class graduating in 1927. In 1982 Hinds Junior College and Utica Junior College merged, creating the Hinds Community College District. Today, as Mississippi’s largest community college, Hinds Community College is a comprehensive institution with six locations. Hinds offers quality, affordable educational opportunities with academic programs of study leading to seamless university transfer and career and technical programs teaching job-ready skills. To learn more, visit or call 1.800.HindsCC.

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