Pearl High School Health Science II students from the Pearl-Rankin Career and Technical Center at Hinds Community College’s Rankin Campus presented a check to the Pearl Fire Department recently to assist in the purchase of a new monitor for firefighters.

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To raise money for the check, students sold nachos as a fundraiser during the 2016-2017 school year.

“This is a four-gas monitor with the latest diffusion technology to help detect the four common gases that the fire department is most concerned with,” said Brad Thornton of the Pearl Fire Department. “These gases include carbon monoxide, natural gas and oxygen levels. The monitor is about the size of a cell phone, requires very little maintenance and is very cost efficient.”

The students hope that the monitor will increase firefighter and occupant safety.

Making the presentation are, front from left, Health Science II instructor Lisa Fitchie, students Glenisha Woolfolk, Kaileigh Waltman, Hallie Cannon, Trinityte’ Moffit, Holly Prest and Tim Wilson.

Representing the Pearl Fire Department are, back from left, Ron Hopson, Brad Thornton, Donnie Boykin, Patrick Finnegan, Marty Grant, Addison Jones, James McGraw, BJ Wells and James Byrd.

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