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Hinds Community College Landscape Management Technology chair Martha Hill of Clinton was recently chosen as a member of the Class of 2014 Lawn and Landscape Leadership Awards in the Lawn & Landscape Magazine. She is featured in the October issue of the magazine for the annual recognition of contractors and others allied to the profession who have gone above and beyond and stand out for their dedication to the industry.

The following is an article by Brian Horn, Lawn & Landscape Magazine:

Martha Hill isn’t angry, just a little annoyed. She recently had two students ready to enter her Landscape Management program at Hinds Community College, but then they changed their minds. She can handle kids having a change of heart, but these particular students were talked out of enrolling in the program by their parents.

“I knew that was out there, but that has hit me in the face twice in one week and I am frustrated,” she says of the anti-landscaping sentiment.

The change of heart is something Hill, and the green industry as a whole, has to deal with. Mom and Dad don’t see landscaping as a career, but as a part-time job you do while you prepare for your “real job.” But after almost 30 years in education, Hill isn’t going to let a few misguided parents kill the passion she has for the industry. If she had the chance to speak with the parents, she’d lay out valid reasons why their son or daughter should consider a career in the industry.

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