JACKSON – Ebony Yarbor got her career and health back on track with the help of Hinds Community College.

Ebony Yarbor

Ebony Yarbor

“I was facing a future of obesity and diabetes, so I decided it was time to learn how to cook better for myself and my two daughters,” said Yarbor, 38, a Belzoni native and Jackson resident. “I’ve saved myself by choosing better health.”

Yarbor finished high school on time, but sat out continuing her education after having her first child shortly after her senior year. She returned to school a few years later and, in 2008, earned a credential from Hinds in child development. While attending Hinds this most recent time, she has worked as a substitute teacher for Jackson Public Schools and assists at several local food pantries.

She attended Hinds this past year on the Raymond Garden Club Culinary Arts scholarship and is on track to earn a credential in Culinary Arts Technology this semester. She has big plans to incorporate her love of cooking with education.

“From my first day in class with Ebony, I knew she was a shining star,” said Austin Lee, director of the Culinary Arts Institute at Hinds. “While some students attend this program to be a better cook or open their own successful business for themselves, Ebony stands out. Her only goal is to serve others in her community. The true servant’s heart is what it takes to be successful in this industry, so I am extremely excited to see how Ebony uses her education to serve her community.”

“I take pride in preparing good, tasty food for people to enjoy,” she said. “I want to have a food truck that goes into poverty-stricken areas and shows people healthy options with food. I’m also working to re-establish home economics in the school system to youth can understand healthy habits at a young age.”

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