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Utica Campus celebrates Class of 2022 and 1972

“We attended college during a pandemic. Many of us may have also had other struggles outside of the pandemic or struggles that the pandemic made even worse. Yet, we did not let those obstacles hold us back, so, again, well done.”

Utica Campus graduation speakers have perfect GPAs

“Hinds has been absolutely incredible to my journey, more than I could have ever imagined. I had been home-schooled and came to Hinds five years after I had finished high school. I was unsure how I would do, but I was able to thrive here because of the instructors and small class sizes.”

Students present at Mississippi Academy of Sciences

“With us not being a research institution, it is important for STEM majoring students to participate in events like this because it not only allows them to interact with other students at four-year institutions but also learn about the opportunities aligned with scientific research.”

Hinds honors key Utica retirees

“Four key figures who served on the Utica Campus were recognized with special dedications at campus locations linked to their careers.”

Utica Institute Museum celebrates opening

“The museum tells the history of the Utica Normal and Industrial Institute, a “little Tuskegee” founded in 1903 by William Holtzclaw as a place to educate Black citizens.”