Future Students

Getting Started

We are glad that you are considering Hinds Community College to continue your education. The largest community college in Mississippi offers a wide variety of programs that will transfer to a university or college of your choice.

Students interested in becoming part of our programs are encouraged to follow this simple checklist:

To view detailed steps on applying to Hinds CC, Financial Aid, and Housing visit How to Enroll.

Band Auditions

Once you’ve completed all the applications above, be sure to contact the band office to set an audition appointment. More information on auditions can be found here.

Dorm and Housing

It’s extremely important that you apply for the dorms very early in the spring semester. Dorm rooms fill up quickly and we cannot guarantee placement if you are on the waiting list.

Campus Tours

Call 1-800-HINDSCC to set up a tour of the Raymond Campus. Let them know you’re interested in band, choir, or music and they will contact the proper instructor to visit with you.

Dorm Orientation

Students that wish to stay in the dorms will be required to complete the Hinds dorm orientation over the summer. Applying for the dorms early will ensure that your orientation date will not conflict with our annual summer band camp.

Freshmen Orientation

Entering freshmen are encouraged to take orientation from Mr. Sprayberry. This orientation class is the same as all other orientations but is offered a time that is most convenient for band students. Since band is added to schedules by the band director, you may be required to sign up for another teacher’s orientation class. Feel free to change your orientation schedule once band is added.


Shane Sprayberry
Fine & Performing Arts Director