Band FAQs

Can I afford to be in band?

No more band dues! No more fundraisers! No more begging for money! You are paid to be in the Hinds Eagle Band and Concert Band. HCC pays for commuter meals during band camp. HCC pays for meals on road trips (away games). Your cost to be in the band is next to nothing! Imagine that.

Can I have a job and be in band?

Yes! In fact, most of our students work as least part time and some work full time jobs and still keep up with their class loads. The schedule for band is set in August for the fall term and December for the spring term. All possible rehearsal and performance dates are on the calendar.

Can I attend another HCC campus and receive a band scholarship?

It is perfectly acceptable to attend classes on another campus. Some students choose to take classes at the Rankin Campus and drive to Raymond for band and other courses. Your scholarship is not affected by which campus you attend. You will, however, need to make sure that your schedule will allow you to do so. Give yourself plenty of “drive time” to get to and from band rehearsals and performances.

Does band take a lot of time?

Band meets everyday for about hour. We usually attend all home games and one or two away games. This will total 6-9 marching performances for the semester. Most of the time, games will be played on Thursday night. It sure beats attending a game every Friday night. There are, however, games scheduled on Saturdays but these are very few. The marching band also performs at the HCC homecoming parade and two local Christmas parades. You will be given a schedule at the beginning of each semester.

I am burned out on band. Why should I join a college band? Isn’t it more work?

Being “burned out” on band after high school is a perfectly normal feeling. You will find that you will regain your enthusiasm for marching and concert band in college. College band is different – there are no contests to get stressed out about and no judges to impress – we just have a great time while putting out an excellent product. The atmosphere is so different. You are performing because you want to and best of all…. you are getting paid for it!! Remember paying band dues? Not any more. We pay you now! Check out the list of available scholarships to learn what you are eligible for.


Joseph Earp, DME
Director of Bands