Diversity Statement

Our Responsibility

Hinds Community College embraces diversity as a component of the IDEALS adopted by our institution. We recognize our responsibility to foster an open, welcoming environment that attracts, recruits, supports, and retains employees and students to collaboratively learn, work, and serve our communities. We value the academic, social, and broader virtues that develop from our college communities and are committed to integrity, diversity, excellence, accountability, leadership, and stewardship.

The College promotes collegiality, and we expect and support equity and inclusion in our educational programs, policies, and procedures. We recognize and respect the broad scope of the cultures, attitudes, ideas, and viewpoints contained within our campus communities. The College integrates multicultural perspectives throughout the curricula and highlights respect and appreciation for respective differences where all students, faculty, and staff can be celebrated for being their authentic selves with all the rich diversity that brings.


Hinds Community College is committed to embracing, cultivating, and increasing diversity in all aspects and without judgment, for the preservation and multiplicity of traditions and cultures.


Hinds Community College is committed to exploring, creating, implementing, and enforcing policies and procedures regarding equal opportunities for all persons and to establishing and sustaining learning and work environments that support the recruitment, retention, and success of students and employees from all backgrounds. We are committed to seeking sustainable solutions that address barriers to academic support, advancement, funding, resources, and social safety faced by those from marginalized backgrounds and to foster applicable measures toward access and achievement in higher education.


Hinds Community College is committed to creating a dynamic climate of inclusiveness and to pursuing deliberate efforts that will ensure our campus communities are places where (1) differences are genuinely welcomed, (2) perspectives are respectfully valued, and (3) contributions are decidedly counted. We are committed to challenging and responding to bias, harassment, and discrimination in our classrooms, workspaces, and communities. We will continuously review our educational programming to ensure alignment with local, state, national, and international needs of the higher education community of learners we serve.


Nina Jackson, Ph.D.
Director of Campus Culture and Diversity
Fountain Hall 226D
Jamille Hartfield
Coordinator of Campus Culture and Diversity
Fountain Hall 226C