Foundation Scholarships


Foundation Scholarships are given by the Hinds Community College Foundation and are awarded on a competitive basis to students who demonstrate academic excellence, involvement in extracurricular activities, financial need, and a desire for achievement.


Amounts Vary per Foundation Scholarship


The priority deadline is February 15, and Foundation Scholarships are awarded in the fall semester only. If any Foundation Scholarships are awarded after the fall semester, it is because funds became available and students had already submitted a complete Foundation Scholarship application for consideration. For optimal consideration, applicants should apply by February 15. Please note: submitting an application does not guarantee an award.

How To Apply

  1. Submit an Application for Admission to Hinds CC, and you’ll receive your student ID and HindsNet login credentials via email.
  2. Using your HindsNet login credentials, log in to the ScholarshipUniverse portal. From there, you’ll answer a series of questions about yourself that may match you to potential Foundation Scholarships. If you match to one or more Foundation Scholarships, you will be eligible to submit the Foundation Scholarship Application in the ScholarshipUniverse portal.
  3. From within the Foundation Scholarship application in ScholarshipUniverse, you’ll be asked to:

    • Answer some short essay questions.
    • Provide email addresses for two individuals who will submit letters of recommendation (the individuals should represent areas such as school, church, community, civic, work, etc.)
    • Upload or compose a resume that includes a list of achievements, honors, extracurricular activities, work history, community services, etc.
    • Upload an unofficial copy of your current or most recent transcript that includes your GPA. The GPA requirements are different for each Foundation Scholarship, but all applicants must have a 2.0 or higher for consideration.

  4. Submit official ACT scores to the Office of Admissions. Please note: you will not upload ACT scores to your scholarship application. Official ACT scores are sent directly to Hinds from National ACT or via an official high school transcript sent to the Office of Admissions. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they have sent their highest scores to Hinds.
  5. Optional: for students wishing to be considered for a Foundation Scholarship on the basis of financial need, submit FAFSA results to Hinds by February 15.
Please note:
  • After matching to a Foundation Scholarship, you can begin the Foundation Scholarship Application in ScholarshipUniverse, save your progress, and come back to it later! But you will not be able to submit this scholarship application unless all questions have been answered and all documents have been uploaded to the application by the deadline.
  • If you match to more than one Foundation Scholarship and you are selected as a recipient, you will only receive one of the Foundation Scholarships to which you matched.
Receiving a Foundation Scholarship

If awarded a Foundation Scholarship, you will be notified via your Hinds email account, so be sure to check it regularly! You may also receive a text notification using the mobile phone number affiliated with your admission application, pending you did not opt out of ScholarshipUniverse SMS notification. After receiving an award notification, the following will be required to receive and retain the award:

  • Accept the Foundation Scholarship in ScholarshipUniverse.
  • Compose a thank you letter in ScholarshipUniverse to the individual donor who is providing the Foundation Scholarship.
  • Important: if you do not accept the Foundation Scholarship and compose the thank you letter in ScholarshipUniverse by the deadline communicated to your Hinds email, the scholarship offer expires.
  • Attend a Scholarship Reception each year the Foundation Scholarship is awarded to you if your donor attends. Recipients who are required to attend a Scholarship Reception will be notified of the reception date ahead of time via their Hinds email.
  • Enroll in and be marked present in 15 or more credit hours each semester (unless otherwise noted by the individual donor criteria).
  • Complete each semester with 12 or more credit hours.
  • Maintain the cumulative GPA required by the individual donor criteria. Cumulative GPA includes all credit earned at Hinds, even while dual-enrolled.

For more information, please see the Foundation Scholarship Policy in the student handbook or call 601-857-3744.


Office of Enrollment Services
P.O. Box 1100
Raymond, MS 39154