Board of Trustees

Mr. Paul Breazeale, President
Hinds County
Mr. Donald S. Oakes, Vice President
Warren County

Dr. Delesicia Martin, Secretary
Hinds County Superintendent of Education

Dr. Homer Burns
Rankin County
Dr. John D. Calhoun
Hinds County
Mr. Rickey Clopton
Copiah County Superintendent of Education
Mr. Brad Fountain
Hinds County
Mr. Donald McGowan
Hinds County
Dr. Sandra Nash
Superintendent for Claiborne County School District
Dr. Leslie Horton
Copiah County
Mr. Chad Shealy
Superintendent of Education for Vicksburg Warren School District
Dr. Ginger Smith
Hinds County
Dr. Sue Townsend
Rankin County Superintendent of Education
Dr. Cardell Williams
Claiborne County

(At-Large Member, vacant)