Housing FAQs

What are the general requirements for staying on campus?

New students must meet full admission requirements to stay on campus. They must register and maintain at least 15 semester hours. Students who have completed at least 15 semester hours must maintain a 2.0 GPA and be in good discipline standing.

How do I apply for housing?

Submit the housing application with a $52.00 non-refundable room reservation fee to the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

When should I apply for campus housing?

With the increase in demand for housing at Hinds CC, we recommend that you apply for housing as soon as possible. Early application enhances a student’s chance of securing a room.

Is my room reservation fee refundable if I choose not to stay on campus?

No, room reservation fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If a student decides to cancel his/her room, they must complete the cancellation process online using the Housing portal.

What if I get placed on a waitlist?

In some instances, students who are applying late may be placed on a waitlist for campus housing. While this can be concerning, the waitlist is not necessarily an indication that they will not receive a room assignment. Historically, throughout the summer a number of students who have completed a housing application will cancel their room assignment, thus opening up spaces for students on the waitlist. Housing officials will carefully consider trends from previous years and will communicate with waitlisted students throughout the summer about status updates.

How can I update my room for the future semester?

Students who have applied for Admissions, and have received a student ID number, may apply for housing at either the Raymond or Utica campus. Students will use their credentials to log in to the Housing portal located on their myHinds account. Once logged in, students will be required to pay a $52 room reservation fee and select the campus desired. Prompts will direct the student to choose their building preference, room preference, and roommate preference. When the updating period begins, students will receive a notification via their Hinds email. Advertisements will also be posted throughout the residence halls and the campus.

If I am not happy with my roommate, can I change rooms?

Yes, under a few stipulations. All mediation efforts must be exhausted, and the residence hall director must recommend the room change to occur for the best interest of both parties.

When should I receive a Student ID?

Students who plan to live on campus should receive their IDs at their residence hall upon check-in. Students who commute should visit their campus designated ID station prior to the first day of class. Students receive a free ID each academic year. If the ID is lost, misplaced or stolen, OR DAMAGED, the replacement fee is $10.

Do residence halls stay open when Hinds Community College is closed?

The residence halls close at the end of the Fall semester (December) and reopen at the beginning of the Spring semester (January) and also at the end of the Spring semester (May). The residence halls also close for Spring Break in March and the Thanksgiving holiday in November. Check the college calendar for specific dates.

Is it possible to live in my room during holidays and s­emester breaks?

All residents are encouraged to go home and visit their families during holidays and interim periods. If you have extenuating circumstances, permission may be granted to live on campus during holidays and semester breaks for an additional charge. For safety and security, you may be assigned to a new room for this period of time. You must request permission one WEEK prior to the college closing for a holiday or interim period.

What furniture is provided in my room?

Most rooms have at least a twin size bed, desk and chair, a chest of drawers and closet for each person.

Can I hang pictures, mirrors, etc., with nails or screws?

You may hang pictures and mirrors in your room but NOT with nails or screws. Students may use a non-damaging wall adhesive. Any holes or missing paint found in a student’s room will be noted, and a fine will be charged.

Who manages the residence halls?

Each residence hall is supervised by a live-in Hall Director, who is responsible for implementing the residential life program within your residence hall. Each floor has a Resident Assistant, who assists the Hall Director. Each residence hall has a Residence Hall council, which fosters a sense of community within and between the residence halls. It is composed of students from that hall, who help plan academic, community service, recreational and social programs.

What happens if my personal property is damaged?

Hinds Community College assumes no liability for damage or loss of personal property. Books, clothing, electronics, and other personal items will not be replaced by Hinds Community College regardless of the cause of damage or loss. To make sure your items are protected from theft, fire, and flood, you are encouraged to purchase property or renters insurance through your homeowner’s insurance policy or through an independent agent.

How do I get a problem in my room repaired?

When something breaks in your room or something is not working in a residence hall such as a sink or shower, you should notify your Resident Assistant. From there, the problem is reported to the maintenance staff and fixed as soon as possible. Our office, as well as the maintenance office, is open from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., most repair request after these hours will be put on the next day’s agenda. If there is an emergency, please contact your Resident Assistant or your Hall Director.

What are the expectations of a Hinds Community College student?

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to the learning environment and enhances the college community. All students are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct, highlighted in the Student Handbook. Printed versions can be attained from the Dean of Students office at each campus. Students are expected to know and understand all rules and regulations upon becoming a student at Hinds Community College.

If found in violation of a rule or regulation at the college, what stance will the college take?

Depending on the severity of the situation, the college will use discretion on the extent of the violation. Sanctions include but are not limited to receiving a fine, community service, suspension or expulsion. Some violations will result in a student attending a disciplinary hearing to determine appropriate action for the violation.

What is the appeal process for living in the residence hall?

A student who has been removed from the residence hall as a result of scholastic probation may file an appeal with the Office of Student Housing and Residence Life.

If suspended or expelled from the college, what process should be followed to be reinstated?

The process for reinstatement for all suspensions and expulsions begin at the Dean of Students office. Additional documentation may be needed to support ramifications.

What is the alcohol policy?

Hinds Community College is a dry campus. In accordance with campus regulation, serving, consuming, possession, being under the influence or the display of an alcoholic beverage is not permitted.


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