Minority Male Leadership Initiative (M2M)


The Minority Male Leadership Initiative (M2M) provides leadership training, career counseling, tutoring, mentoring and opportunities for travel to senior level universities for program participants. The four-year project is designed to increase the graduation rates of African-American Males and is funded by a $2.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

The M2M program provides services that help empower students to take responsibility for achieving their academic and personal goals, so they may become leaders within their families and communities.

Support Services

Located in Suite 147 of Bivins Hall on the Jackson Campus-Academic/Technical Center, the M2M program offers a wide range of support services to help African-American males:

  • Succeed academically.
  • Discover personal strengths, interests and motivation.
  • Meet educational and career goals.
  • Explore career interests and post-graduate options.
  • Connect to available resources to lower or eliminate barriers that impede academic success.
  • Become leaders within their families and communities.

M2M students have access to career counseling, tutoring and other services.


  • Improve enrollment, GPA, graduation, retention and success rates of African-American male students.
  • Empower African-American male students to take responsibility for achieving academic and personal goals.
  • Eliminate external barriers to success.
  • Encourage student support systems to foster student success.

Member Application

M2M is now receiving on-line member applications. Complete your application and an M2M Staff Member will follow up to assist you.

M2M Connect

M2M Connect is our monthly newsletter with student spotlights, alumni interviews, and stories on the impact M2M has on our students and our community.

Current M2M Members - Resources Request Form

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Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator
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