Lendon Players


The main purpose behind the Lendon Players is to give all interested students first-hand, practical experience in the creative & artistic processes behind mounting a theatrical production for an audience. There is no prior theatrical experience required & one does not have to be a theatre major to get involved. Students just need to have a positive attitude, the ability to be a team player, and a dependable, solid work ethic. Club members take part in the production of plays sponsored by the Department of Speech and Theatre.

Membership is open to all students.


The Lendon Players produces one mainstage, theatrical production each fall & each spring respectively. Stagecraft class time on TTh is mainly spent physically building the sets for that semester’s show. If a student is selected to either be in the show or work in a specified backstage position, then they will also be enrolled in the 1-hour Drama Production class which is essentially a “theatre lab.” In other words, those students who make up the cast & backstage crew of the show will receive an additional hour’s class credit for the time extra time that they will have to devote to rehearsals.

Rehearsals (i.e. Drama Production) typically happen in the afternoons during the regular school week, starting around 3pm & running to about 5:30pm.

How to Join

The first step to getting involved with the Lendon Players & theatre on the HCC Raymond campus is all interested students must register for the Stagecraft class (SPT 2223 11TTh), which is offered every semester. Auditioning and/or working backstage are NOT required if a student enrolls in Stagecraft, but if a they want to be eligible for consideration for any onstage or backstage positions, they must first be enrolled in the Stagecraft class.

Current & Upcoming Productions

Please check back soon for information on upcoming productions.


Alison Stafford
Theatre Instructor