Hinds Achievement Club

The Hinds Achievement Club is a club for all transitional students. The qualifications for membership are current or previous enrollment in any transitional class such as: Reading, Math, English, or Study Skills.

The purpose of the Hinds Achievement Club is:

  • To provide Hinds Community College transitional students with support and encouragement as they strive for success in college.
  • To assist transitional students in their adjustment to college life and their academic success skills.
  • To promote positive attitudes and a sense of belonging among transitional students.
  • To provide an avenue for individual mentoring of students, participating in community service, enjoying fellowship, and engaging in success oriented activities and events.
  • To provide continued support and information to students as far as selecting a major, choosing a career, and developing job seeking skills.

The sponsors of the Hinds Achievement Club are Mrs. Nancy Finklea and Mrs. Melissa Woods. If you are interested in becoming a part of this great resume building opportunity please contact one of its sponsors in Moss Hall 221.


Nancy Finklea
Reading Instructor
Melissa Woods
Developmental Education Instructor