ReSkill On The Job Training

What is ReSkill On the Job Training?

CARES Act funds have been authorized to the Southcentral MS Works Workforce Area for the purpose of assisting employers with the cost of hiring and training employees. If your business has been affected by the COVID-19 disaster, and you hire an individual who has been furloughed, unemployed or otherwise displaced, you could be eligible for assistance.

Program Benefits

  • Get reimbursed up to 75% of the employee’s wage rate.
  • You interview and select your employees.
  • Reimbursement is received at the end of the training program with a maximum of 320 hours of training.

Who qualifies for the CARES Act OJT?

  • A business who has experienced closure due to non-essential designation.
  • A business who has experienced a business slow down due to supply chain interruption.
  • A business who has experienced loss due to reduced orders or reduced consumer demand.
  • A business who has shut down due to COVID-19 outbreak on employer site.
  • A business required to revise method of production or service provision process.


Contact your Local WIN Job Center CARES ACT OJT Coordinator Before you make your next hire.

Chtina Black
P: 601-321-7913

Vicksburg WIN Job Center
Ardell Williams
P: 601-619-2841

Pearl WIN Job Center
Erin Gowen
P: 601-321-5441

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