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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are vital academic and technical areas with high demand in the workforce. Students in STEM are future leaders, who solve problems using innovative techniques, and while making decisions that benefit society. Our General STEM Area of Study will prepare you for the jobs of the future. Hinds CC offers transferable courses and certifications to start your educational journey for careers such as mechanical engineer, roboticist, software developer, educator, wildlife biologist, marine scientist, physician, and chemical engineer.

STEM is the ideal area of study for you if you are interested in pursuing a fantastic career, earning a high salary, achieving career satisfaction, maintaining job security, becoming an innovator, and impacting society.

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Important Program Information

The program map provides the courses recommended for any students seeking this transfer area of study. Students should consult the Mississippi Articulation Agreement for specific course requirements at specific Mississippi universities.

  • Associate of Arts
Sample Curriculum
Course Hours
Orientation 2
English Composition I 3
General Chemistry I, Lecture & Lab 4
Western Civilization I 3
College Algebra 3
Total Hours 15
Course Hours
English Composition II 3
General Chemistry II, Lecture & Lab 4
Trigonometry 3
Art Appreciation 3
Western Civilization II 3
Total Hours 16
Course Hours
Public Speaking I 3
American Literature I 3
Programming I with C++ 3
Calculus I 3
General Biology I, Lecture & Lab 4
Total Hours 17
Course Hours
American Literature II 3
Calculus II 3
General Psychology 3
General Physics I, Lecture & Lab 4
General Biology II, Lecture & Lab 4
Total Hours 17


Stephanie Burks
General STEM Pathway Curriculum Coordinator

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