Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice refers to the laws, procedures, institutions, and policies at play before, during, and after a crime. As a student in the Criminal Justice Area of Study, you will explore various types of crime, their investigation, prosecution and defense, courtroom rules and procedures, and many other areas involving the justice system.

The Criminal Justice Area of Study meets the necessary general education requirements and will expose you to specific criminal justice courses such as Introduction to Criminal Justice, Police Administration and Organization, Juvenile Justice, and Introduction to Corrections.

The knowledge gained from a Criminal Justice program prepares students to pursue a wide range of criminal justice careers in law enforcement, homeland security, law, court administration, corrections, and juvenile justice. Our courses will build a strong foundation for your bachelor’s degree and beyond. This is an excellent area of study if you plan to attend law school.

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Important Program Information

The program map provides the courses recommended for any students seeking this transfer area of study. Students should consult the Mississippi Articulation Agreement for specific course requirements at specific Mississippi universities.

  • Associate of Arts
Sample Curriculum
Course Hours
Orientation 2
English Composition I 3
Quantitative Reasoning 3
Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
Principles of Biology I, Lecture & Lab 4
Introduction to Sociology 3
Total Hours 18
Course Hours
English Composition II 3
Police Administration & Organization 3
Art Appreciation 3
Principles of Biology II, Lecture & Lab 3=4
General Psychology 3
Total Hours 16


Course Hours
Public Speaking I 3
American (U.S.) History I 3
American National Government 3
Introduction to Corrections 3
Criminology 3
Total Hours 15
Course Hours
American Literature I 3
American (U.S.) History I 3
Juvenile Justice 3
Police Operations 3
Social Problems 3
Total Hours 15


Sharon Turner-Davis
Curriculum Coordinator for Behavioral Sciences
Joy Rhoads
Department Chair
Eric Bobo
Department Chair

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