Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. This includes history and theories of psychology, research methods, biological basis of behavior, the principles of learning, personality, and abnormal behavior.

Psychology has existed since the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece, but the effects of psychological studies are more relevant and respected than ever before. Contemporary applications for Psychology revolve around the assessment and treatment of behavioral disorders, analyses of behavior in school and work settings, and the enhancement of the mental and physical well-being of people.

Despite the popular stereotype of the mental health professional, different branches of Psychology are widely recognized and demonstrated in an array of industries such as education, sports, forensics, health care, government, and businesses. While many students choose to pursue graduate education, other Psychology students enter the workforce with a bachelor’s degree. Ultimately, a degree in Psychology offers an individual the opportunity to find flexible, meaningful, and fulfilling work in a high-demand field.

Our Psychology Area of Study will enable you to meet the necessary general education requirements and be exposed to introductory Psychology courses such as General Psychology, Human Growth and Development, Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, and Psychology of Personal Adjustment.

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Important Program Information

The program map provides the courses recommended for any students seeking this transfer area of study. Students should consult the Mississippi Articulation Agreement for specific course requirements at specific Mississippi universities.

  • Associate of Arts
Sample Curriculum
Course Hours
Orientation 2
English Composition I 3
College Algebra 3
General Psychology 3
Principles of Biology I, Lecture & Lab 4
Total Hours 15
Course Hours
English Composition II 3
Child Psychology 3
Introduction to Sociology 3
World Civilizations I 3
Principles of Biology II, Lecture & Lab 4 4
Total Hours 16
Course Hours
Human Growth & Development 3
Introduction to Philosophy I 3
World Civilization II 3
Spanish I 3
World Literature I 3
Total Hours 15
Course Hours
Marriage & Family 3
Psychology of Personal Adjustment 3
Music Appreciation 3
World Literature II 3
Spanish II 3
Public Speaking I 3
Total Hours 18


Sharon Turner-Davis
Curriculum Coordinator for Behavioral Sciences
Christine Aycock
Department Chair
Eric Bobo
Department Chair
Sarah Nichols
Lead Instructor
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