Area of Study
Students who wish to complete an Associate of Arts degree in our English Area of Study are those who anticipate taking a Bachelor of Arts degree at a four-year school of higher education. Studying composition and literature in-depth develops and strengthens students’ creativity as well as their critical thinking and adaptability.


Students who are interested in advertising, education, law, journalism, creative writing, politics, social media, and a wealth of other careers pursue an Associate of Arts degree in our English Area of Study. These are students who most often plan to move on to a Bachelor of Arts degree at a four-year university.


English is the home base of such a varied span of interesting careers for good reason. The fundamental focus of the program is communication—how to arrange and convey information in a manner that’s most likely to get us what we want, and how to analyze information from others to find deeper meaning and implications. Learning the tricks of how information is best received by an audience opens the door to successful projects and arguments, and recognizing those tricks also helps in seeing past rhetorical flourishes to the core of someone else’s communication. This focus on critical thinking and its application to composition and literature is an excellent foundation for those who want a career that challenges them to “think outside the box” by producing new ideas and interpretations.

Quick Facts

Program Name
Degree / Certificates
  • Associate of Arts
  • Jackson
  • Rankin
  • Raymond
  • Utica
  • Vicksburg
  • Online
Delivery Mode
  • Face-to-Face
*Select courses required for this program are available online.

Sample Curriculum

Course Hours
Orientation 2
English Composition I 3
College Algebra 3
Choose one – HIS 1113 or 1163 or 2213 3
Choose one – SOC 2113, PSY 1513, GEO 1113, PSC 1113, ECO 2113, ECO 2123, GEO 1123 3
Free Elective 1
Total Hours 15
Course Hours
English Composition II 3
Public Speaking I 3
Art 1113 or MUS 1113 or DAN 1113 or SPT 2233 3
Choose one – HIS 1123 or 1173 or 2223 3
Introduction to Philosophy I 3
Total Hours 15
Course Hours
American  Literature I 3
Principles of Biology I 3
Principles of Biology I Lab 1
Spanish I 3
World Literature I 3
Computer Concepts 3
Total Hours 16
Course Hours
Physical Science Survey I Lab 1
Physical Science Survey I 3
American Literature II 3
Personal & Community Health 3
Spanish II 3
World Literature II 3
Total Hours 16

The degree plan provides the courses recommended for students seeking to transfer in this area of study. Students should consult the Mississippi Articulation Agreement for specific course requirements at specific Mississippi universities. Students can also use MATT (MS Articulation & Transfer Tool).


Lawrence Greene
Department Chair
Susan Hammond
Department Chair
Virginia Miller
Dan Fuller
Department Chair
Chad Chisolm
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