We welcome students with interests in ceramics, photography, painting, and more! Students at Hinds can complete artwork in our classroom studios and find inspiration in our recurring art exhibits in the Marie Hull Art Gallery where even our students’ work is often featured. Our dedicated art faculty provide instruction in art theory and help strengthen students’ art skills in studio, lab, and darkroom settings. Art majors can complete an Associate of Arts in two years and then transfer their coursework to a four-year institution to complete their Bachelor of Art or of Fine Art.

At Hinds, exploring coursework in the fine arts and in media arts will allow a student to enhance current art skills, build further art interests, and settle on a direction for a professional art career. Students majoring in art have a wide range of job opportunities upon degree completion. They may become floral designers, art directors, museum curators, professional photographers, art instructors, just to name a few.

At Hinds, our art students will complete typical general education courses, such as English, history, social sciences, and more while exploring the arts. The arts coursework, such as Drawing, Ceramics, Sculpture, Computer Art, Three-Dimensional Design, and others, will set a student’s foundation for upper-level art experiences upon transfer to a bachelor’s program.

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Our Facilities Include

    • A fully furnished computer lab with 27″ 5K Retina display iMacs and Adobe CC software.
    • Two drawing/painting studios furnished with Mabef Convertible Studio Easels.
    • A photography darkroom for developing film and black & white prints.
    • A pottery studio with a slab roller, extruder, 11 electric pottery wheels (Brent & Pacifica), 2 electric kilns, 1 gas kiln, and a Bailey de-airing pug mill/mixer.
    • A design studio with a Conrad E-12 Etching Press and a Kutrimmer 1080 Papercutter.
    Marie Hull Gallery

    As a student, you will have the opportunity to showcase your work in the Marie Hull Gallery. The gallery features regional and local exhibitions in a variety of media with six exhibits from September through mid-May.

    Important Program Information

    The program map provides the courses recommended for any students seeking this transfer area of study. Students should consult the Mississippi Articulation Agreement for specific course requirements at specific Mississippi universities.

    • Associate of Arts
    Sample Curriculum
    Course Hours
    Orientation 2
    English Composition I 3
    College Algebra 3
    Art History I 3
    Drawing 3
    Design I 3
    Total Hours 17
    Course Hours
    English Composition II 2
    Principles of Biology I, Lecture & Lab 4
    Drawing II 3
    Design II 3
    Art History II 3
    Total Hours 16
    Course Hours
    Principles of Biology II, Lecture & Lab 4
    Public Speaking I 3
    World Civilizations I 3
    World Literature I 3
    Introduction to Philosophy I 3
    Total Hours 16
    Course Hours
    Introduction to Sociology 3
    World Civilizations II 3
    Three Dimensional Design 3
    World Literature II 3
    General Psychology 3
    Total Hours 15


    In the art department, all students have the opportunity to experience the creative process from a practical as well as a theoretical approach. Freshman art majors are encouraged to apply for full and partial tuition scholarships.


    De Hurston
    Department Chair
    LeeReyna Lopez Leyva
    Chair of Art/Theatre/Dance(Raymond)
    Marie Hull Gallery Director
    Dan Fuller
    Department Chair
    Ann Sweezer
    Lead Instructor

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