Unmanned Aerial Systems Technology


Our Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) program will prepare you for a career as an operator of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also known as “drones.” Hinds also partners with industry and government to provide essential skills to operate safely within the federal airspace system. Throughout the curriculum, you will get hands-on operation of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, understand full-scale simulator software/hardware systems, learn about UAVs from basic stages to the advanced stages, launch and recovery techniques, autopilot operations, develop knowledge of risk awareness, and data links and sensors.

The commercial applications of the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) program are aerial photography: agriculture, surveying, mapping; monitoring: ecological, livestock; and inspection: towers, buildings, real estate.

If you’re interested in launching or expanding a career alongside UAVs, this curriculum is the place to start. You’ll get the experience and education you need to begin or advance your career. The possibilities with UAVs are vast and growing. Not only is a job in this industry secure, but exciting as well, as future opportunities continue to develop.

Introducing a new 15-hour UAS certification available. This is designed to help you get certified within one semester to receive a UAS College Credit Certificate and an FAA Part 107 certification.

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Commercial Applications
  • Aerial photography: agriculture, surveying, mapping
  • Monitoring: ecological, livestock
  • Inspection: towers, buildings, real estate

Important Program Information

  • College Career Certificate (FAA Part 107 Certification)
Sample Curriculum
Course Hours
Intro to UAS 3
UAS Intermediate Flight Skill Develop 3
Small UAS Part 107 3
Private Pilot Ground I 3
Applied Meteorology 3
Orientation 2
Total Hours 17


Beth Robbins
Aviation Student Navigator
Ben Barham
UAS Instructor

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