Mechanical Engineering Technology


Mechanical Engineering Technology (Mechatronics) is a multidisciplinary field that refers specifically to the skill sets needed in the contemporary, advanced automated manufacturing industry. In modern industry, you will notice a drastic increase in the number of processes that have become automated. We rely more and more on the automation process using industrial computers (PLCs), sensors, and robotics, with less human interaction than ever before. We have smart factories now that run completely on their own without human interference, and this will need to be maintained by a Mechatronics Technician who understands more than just electrical and mechanical. Our program equips with you the additional skills needed to succeed in the field of Mechatronics.

Mechatronics combines Control Systems, Electronic Systems, Computer Systems and Mechanical Systems all in one program. Mechatronics is widely used in the following fields Materials Processing, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Xerography, Defense Systems, Consumer Products, and Manufacturing. Mechatronic technicians are responsible for assembling, installing, and maintaining/repairing machinery used in manufacturing or industrial environment as well as troubleshooting, repairing and programming automated systems.

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Important Program Information

  • Associate of Applied Science
  • Career Certificate
  • Technical Certificate

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David Roberts
Mechanical Engineering Technology Curriculum Coordinator & Instructor

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