Meat Merchandising Technology


Our Meat Merchandising program will prepare you for entry-level employment in the various related phases of processing, marketing, merchandising of meats, catering, and value-added products. Our program gives you training in beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and fish. You will be given the opportunity to master the skills necessary for success in meat merchandising, which includes: aging, catering, chilling, curing, cutting, inspecting, pricing, processing, sales, sausage making, slaughtering, smoking, and quartering.

If you’ve been looking for a way into the industry, the Meat Merchandising program at Hinds Community College is an excellent first step. While opportunities in this field throughout Mississippi are numerous, the industry has a worldwide footprint that you’ll be able to take advantage of.

Porter Hall

Located in Porter Hall, our facilities are designed to provide hands-on experience in meat merchandising and catering. In our facilities you will find:

  • Large cutting room equipped with the latest merchandising and catering equipment
  • Walk-in cooler & freezer
  • Large display room
  • Large cooker-smoker
  • Two classrooms
  • Quality control laboratory
  • Raymond
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Important Program Information

  • Associate of Applied Science
  • Career Certificate
  • Technical Certificate
Sample Curriculum
Course Hours
Fundamentals of Meat Merchandising 4
Identification of Wholesale and Retail Cuts 4
Preparation of Wholesale and Retail Cuts 4
Merchandising of Poultry, Fish, Seafood, and Smoked Meats 4
Display Pricing and Marketing Techniques I 4
Advanced Meat Merchandising I 4
Food Safety 3
Approved Technical Electives 3
Total Hours 30
Course Hours
Display Pricing and Marketing Techniques II 4
Advanced Meat Merchandising II 4
Catering, Food Preparation, and Value-Added Products 4
Approved Technical Electives 3
Total Hours (includes career certificate course hours) 45
Course Hours
Technical English or English Composition I 3–4
Public Speaking I or Interpersonal Communication 3
Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
Mathematics/Science Elective 3–4
Total Hours (includes career and technical certificate course hours) 60–62

Admission Requirements

  • Complete the Hinds CC Application for Admission and submit it to the Office of Admissions and Records.
  • File an official transcript in the Office of Admissions and Records.
  • Be a minimum of 16 years of age and file an acceptable general aptitude test battery score with the Office of Admissions and Records.
  • Be interviewed by the instructor in the Meat Merchandising Program.

Job Opportunities

Employment may be found in the area of retail meat merchandising in the chain stores and supermarkets with the possibility of advancement to such positions as market manager, meat supervisor, or meat buyer.

Other opportunities may include specialized jobs in:

  • Packing houses,
  • Hotel supply houses and jobbers,
  • Food service centers,
  • Specialty shops,
  • And even the possibility of starting your own business.

The program faculty has helped place students in excellent jobs throughout the industry, and most students have jobs lined up and waiting when they complete the program.

Program Length & Start Dates

The Hinds CC Meat Merchandising program is completed in three semesters (one full year) and may be started at the beginning of any eight week segment.


Chad Davis
Meat Merchandising Instructor

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