Engineering Drafting & Design Technology


Our Engineering Drafting and Design Technology program of study will provide you with instruction in all phases of design technology in order to prepare you for a position as a designer or computer-aided drafting technician. Instruction includes computer-aided design, architectural design, civil planning, 3D modeling, and manufacturing. A combination of classwork and laboratory experience is stressed.

More and more companies rely on designers and computer-aided drafting technicians to help realize their products, initiatives, and launches. Training through the Engineering Drafting and Design Technology program at Hinds Community College will prepare you to satisfy any number of requirements you may encounter as you begin or expand your opportunities in the field.

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Important Program Information

  • Associate of Applied Science
  • Career Certificate
  • Technical Certificate
Sample Curriculum
Course Hours
Engineering Graphics 3
Mechanical Design I 3
Construction Standards and Materials 3
Computer-Aided Design I (CAD) 4
Computer-Aided Design II (CAD) 4
Architectural Design I 4
Approved Technical Electives 9
Total Hours 30
Course Hours
Civil Planning and Design 3
Structural Detailing I 3
3D Modeling 3
Approved Technical Electives 6
Total Hours (includes career certificate course hours) 45
Course Hours
Technical English or English Composition I 3–4
Public Speaking I or Interpersonal Communication 3
Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
Mathematics/Science Elective 3–4
Total Hours (includes career and technical certificate course hours) 60–62

Admission Requirements

Students seeking admission to this program must meet one of the following minimum assessment scores (or by approval of the program chairperson):

  • ACT®
    • Reading: 16
    • Math: 17
    • English: 17
    • Reading: 70
    • Math: 63
    • English: 88
  • Or Next-Generation ACCUPLACER
    • Reading: 246
    • Math: 225

    Graduation Requirements

    In order to receive a degree, students must take the MS-CPAS (Mississippi Career Planning and Assessment System Exam) test prior to graduation.

    Students must successfully complete all requirements for required semester hours and maintain a “C” or better in all DDT coursework.


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