John Deere Construction and Forestry Training


The John Deere Certified Construction and Forestry Technician Training is an addition to our two-year program that leads to an Associate in Diesel Equipment Technology. The school is sponsored jointly by the John Deere Company, regional John Deere dealers, and Hinds Community College. You will develop the technical competency and professional attributes to prepare you for high-paying and rewarding jobs as a John Deere dealership service Technician.

You will be provided with classroom lectures and laboratory experiences on John Deere products and a unique opportunity to work at a John Deere dealership. Each specialized subject is studied in the classroom and laboratory on campus and followed by related work experience in the dealership.

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What You Will Learn

Instruction will cover the fundamentals of engines, powertrains, hydraulics, and electrical systems, as well as new developments in construction and forestry equipment.

Training Flexibility

There are five starting terms throughout the year: June, August, October, January, and March. You may enter the program at any one of those terms and continue for up to two years.

Important Information

  • Associate of Applied Science

Sponsoring Dealer – Required

The training requires the student to have a sponsoring John Deere dealer. The student can request assistance in locating a sponsoring dealer. The responsibility of the dealership is to provide training-related employment for the student and to serve as a mentor during the work experience periods. Graduates receive the Associate of Diesel Equipment Technology degree.

Finding a Sponsoring Dealership

You may speak to any John Deere dealer at any time about the John Deere Tech program. However, you are officially accepted into the program only after all conditions are met: placement tests, applications, and dealer sponsorship forms have been received and accepted by Hinds Community College.

Key Points to Remember
  • John Deere dealerships are independent businesses.
  • When looking for a sponsor, you are looking for a job.
  • Hinds Community College and John Deere will provide limited assistance in giving guidance and identifying interested dealerships.
  • Hinds Community College does not assign a student to a dealer sponsor.
  • As a John Deere Tech participant, the student will be both a student and an employee, although the two should never conflict.
Interviewing at a Sponsoring Dealership
  • Call ahead to request an interview.
  • You may speak to the dealer (owner), general manager, or service manager. The owner’s approval is required in securing sponsorship, even though others may be authorized to sign the sponsor form.
  • If you aren’t sure who to see, ask for the general manager first.
Be prepared for the interview
  • Be clean – Be neat
  • Be confident in your goals and skills
  • Complete a resume
  • Complete your part of the John Deere Tech application as neatly as possible before the interview.

Your first priority should be convincing the dealer that you will make a good, hard-working employee.

If you are sure you want to be in the John Deere Tech program, be confident and begin the process now. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt doesn’t result in a sponsorship — try again.


Donna Lawrence
Navigator, Diesel Equipment Technology
Lee Douglas
Director, Diesel Equipment Technology

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