Aviation Maintenance Technology


Our Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program will prepare you to inspect, repair, service, and overhaul aircraft and engine components and systems. It is a four-semester instructional program designed to introduce you to the rewarding profession of aviation maintenance while exposing you to the theories of operation for the various aircraft systems. Our program will also fully prepare you for the FAA exams necessary to obtain your Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) rating as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician.

As an AMT student, you will study a wide array of subjects, ranging from physics and aerodynamics to engine systems and aircraft structures. You will be introduced to, and become familiar with, the mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and structural elements of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Instruction is provided in the classroom as well as in the hangar/shop. You will be given opportunities to learn while working on FAA certificated aircraft.

Successful completion of our program will result in you receiving a Technical Certificate in Aviation Maintenance Technology. You will also have the option of obtaining an Associate of Applied Science degree by successfully completing a minimum of 15 academic hours in addition to, or in conjunction with, this program.

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FAA Approved

Hinds Community College is an FAA-approved Aviation Maintenance Technician school that operates within the guidelines set forth in FAR Part 147. The Aircraft Maintenance Technician certification (A&P rating) process consists of successfully passing written, oral, and practical examinations for each of the three subject areas taught: General, Powerplant, and Airframe. The examinations are administered by an FAA Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME) and can be taken at the school. The FAA Powerplant Rating must be obtained before proceeding to the fourth semester.

Worldwide Opportunities

The majority of AMT Program graduates have gone on to become successful in the aviation community. Opportunities are available worldwide.

Aviation Alumni

You can also become members of the Aviation Chapter of the Hinds Community College Alumni Association and enjoy the camaraderie among those who have similar interests as theirs.

Important Program Information

  • Associate of Applied Science
  • Technical Certificate
Sample Curriculum
Course Hours
Aviation Applied Science 3
Aviation Electricity I 3
Aviation Materials and Processes 4
Aircraft Servicing and Weight-and-Balance 3
Maintenance Forms and Records 3
Total Hours 16
Course Hours
Reciprocating Engine Theory 2
Reciprocating Engine Overhaul and Inspection 3
Turbine Engine Theory 2
Turbine Engine Overhaul and Inspection 3
Lubrication and Fuel Metering Systems 4
Induction, Cooling, and Exhaust Systems 2
Total Hours 16
Course Hours
Powerplant Conformity Airworthiness Inspection 1
Aviation Electricity II 4
Propellers and Powerplant Review 3
Structures I 5
Structures II 3
Total Hours 16
Course Hours
Aircraft Controls 2
Aviation Electricity III 2
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power Systems 2
Landing Gear and Protection 3
Environmental Control 1
Aircraft Instrumentation Systems 3
Aircraft Fuel Systems 1
Airframe Inspection and Review 2
Total Hours 16
Course Hours
Technical English or English Composition I 3–4
Public Speaking I or Interpersonal Communication 3
Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
Mathematics/Science Elective 3–4
Total Hours (includes technical certificate course hours) 79–81


Beth Robbins
Aviation Student Navigator
Ward Marsh
Curriculum Coordinator/Instructor

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