Cost of Attendance

Estimated Cost of Attendance 2021—2022

Description In-State Costs Out-of-State Costs
Tuition (15 credits per semester) $3,500 $8,000
Fees $250 $250
Books & Supplies $1,060 $1,060
Total $4,810 $9,310


Description Dependent Independent Dorm
Room $950 $3,474 $2,400
Board $1,226 $2,254 $2,300
Personal $1,344 $1,792 $1,344
Transportation $1,792 $1,792 $896
Total $5,312 $9,312 $7,040


Description Dependent Independent Dorm
In-State Total $10,122 $14,122 $11,850
Out-of-State Total $14,622 $18,622 $16,350


Cost of Attendance Budget

Personal expenses, room and board, and transportation costs vary greatly according to the individual’s circumstances and spending habits. For financial aid purposes, estimated costs are used. Costs for dependent care related to the student’s educational program, unreimbursed costs related to disability, required tools and program kits, and the documented cost of a lease or purchased personal computer related to the student’s educational program may be considered in adjustments to the cost of attendance budget.

Documentation must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office for such determination. Additional aid might not be available. 

Financial Need

Need is the difference between the cost of attendance at Hinds Community College and the family’s formula-calculated ability to pay. The family’s ability to pay, called the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), is determined by completing a need analysis application called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at When students return to for a subsequent year, a renewal FAFSA is available to students who have applied previously; many of the questions will already be completed.

The FAFSA enables a Hinds Community College student to apply without charge for all types of need-based aid. The application, which collects income and asset information from the student (and spouse, if married, or parents of a dependent student), must be submitted for the following academic year as soon after January 1 as tax returns can be completed for the previous year.

Student Cost of Attendance (COA) Budget  Total Expected Family Contribution = Financial Need

Student Cost of Attendance

Estimated tuition, fees, books, supplies, room and board, personal and miscellaneous expenses, transportation and loan fees.

Total Expected Family Contribution

Calculated through FAFSA formula from parent/student/spouse’s income, assets, and other resources

Financial Need

The amount Hinds may award in need-based aid


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