Consumer Information


  • Fire Safety Practices (page 15 of student handbook)
  • Graduate Placement Report—Contact the specific program directors regarding the types of employment obtained by graduates of each specific program. Additional information may be obtained from the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness located at the Raymond Campus in Jenkins Hall or by calling 601-857-3357.
  • Hinds Community College Student Complaint Procedures
    • A student has the right to appeal a College decision that he/she believes to have an adverse effect on his/her pursuit of an education or participation in College programs. Students may access the procedures for instruction and non-instructional related complaints here.
    • For complaints violating State law, including laws related to fraud or false advertising, students may follow the State complaint process from the Mississippi Commission on College Accreditation (MCCA). The MCCA will not respond to complaints until the student has exhausted all grievance procedures provided by the institution.
  • International Studies
    • Enrollment in a study abroad program approved for credit may be considered enrollment at the school for the purpose of applying for Title IV (Federal Student Aid) assistance. Contact the Hinds Community College Office of Financial Aid at 601-857-3227.
  • Missing Persons (page 75 of student handbook)
  • Net Price Calculator
  • Private Education Loan Applicant Self Certification
    • Private/Alternative financing options may be available to those students who may not qualify for Title IV aid. Students may contact the Office of Financial Aid at 601-857-
    • 3223 for additional information.
  • Procedures for Campus Security Warnings, Emergency Information Alerts, and Announcements (pages 13-15 of student handbook)
  • Programs of Study
  • Student Loan Borrower Communication
    • Student loan borrowers will be notified by email within 14 days of disbursement of student loan funds to their account. Students may cancel the loan by contacting the Hinds Community College Office of Financial Aid at the numbers listed above, by email, or in person. Students may check their student loan status and history on the school portal, “My.Hinds”. Information on repayment, deferment, and forbearance may be found on the Federal Student Loans site.
  • Retention Policy
  • Returning Service Members (pages 30-32 of student handbook)
    • Returning service members will need to complete a new application for admission when they make the decision to return to Hinds Community College if they have had a lapse in enrollment for either a fall or spring semester. In addition, Hinds Community College will make reasonable efforts to help the student prepare to resume their selected program of study. Students should contact the VA Certifying Official by phone at 601-857-3226, in-person in Jenkins Hall on the Raymond Campus, or via email at Students should provide a copy of their DD214.
  • Return to Title IV
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (pages 21-23 of student handbook)
  • School Refund Policy (page 18 of student handbook)
  • Student Diversity Report
  • Students with Disabilities (page 17 of student handbook)
  • Third-Party Servicer Contract for Refund Management
  • Transfer of Credits
  • Vaccination Policy – Hinds Community College does not have a vaccination policy for all students
  • Withdrawals (page 54 of student handbook)
  • 60% Completion Dates:
    •  SP18
      16 weeks – March 26
      1st 8 weeks – Feb 12
      2nd 8 weeks – April 23


You can obtain Student Consumer Information by contacting the Financial Aid office.

P: 601-857-3223
F: 601-857-3539



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