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Area of Study

Our Kinesiology Area of Study will introduce you to the needed courses to prepare for a transfer degree in Kinesiology. Gain the skills needed to pursue a four-year degree in kinesiology, exercise science, biomechanics, exercise physiologist, athletic trainer, and many more.

Journalism & Mass Communication Department
Academic Department

The Journalism and Mass Communication Department offers courses designed to give practical experience in working with college newspaper and yearbook production. You will become immersed in news, sports, feature, interview stories, and editorial writing.

Interpreter Training Technology
Program of Study

Our Interpreter Training Program is a two-year curriculum designed to prepare you to interpret/transliterate spoken English into American Sign Language and American Sign Language into spoken English, at an entry-level, while working with the deaf and hard of hearing. The interpreter works in a variety of settings including educational, medical, community, business, and occupational.

Interdisciplinary Studies – Fine Arts & Humanities
Area of Study

By completing the Associate of Arts degree at Hinds, you will lay a strong foundation in critical thinking, oral and written communication, and technology use, preparing you to complete a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college. The courses for the fine arts and humanities interdisciplinary area of study cover the diverse disciplines of physical science, mathematics, composition and literature, art, and multiple social sciences—including geography, religion, psychology, political science, sociology, and anthropology.

Interdisciplinary Studies – General Studies
Area of Study

Interdisciplinary Studies give you the versatility to customize a program of study while achieving an Associate of Arts. Often, students enroll in college with no particular major in mind; yet they do have keen areas of enthusiasm in multiple fields. Interdisciplinary Studies satisfies this desire for a degree composed of various disciplines.

Hotel & Restaurant Management Technology
Program of Study

Our Hotel and Restaurant Management Technology concentration provides specialized occupational instruction in all phases of hotel and restaurant management to prepare you for a career as a manager and supervisor in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Area of Study

The study of history, of which Hinds offers up to 24 hours in specific History courses, offers students the opportunity to study the whole world. The Chinese character for “scholar” is the same as “historian,” because to study history is to study everything.

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, & Refrigeration Technology
Program of Study

Our Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology program will prepare you to work in engineering departments or private firms installing, maintaining, and operating small or medium air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems.

Health, Physical Education & Recreation
Area of Study

Our Health, Physical Education, & Recreation (HPR) Area of Study will introduce you to the needed courses to prepare for a transfer degree in several areas: parks and recreation management, physical education, health science, sports ministry, and sports administration. Our curriculum builds the foundation for upper-level education upon transfer, while completing the general education requirements for most baccalaureate degrees.

Health Information Technology
Program of Study

The Health Information Technology program is a two-year technical program leading to an Associate Degree, which prepares you to work in hospitals and other health care settings managing health information in paper and electronic format.

Health Care Assistant
Program of Study

As a health care assistant, you will provide assessment and care to patients. You will function under the direction of a health care professional. This path offers training for stable career opportunities throughout Mississippi and the United States. An in-demand profession, you’ll be able to launch a career in health care with the experience and education you receive at Hinds Community College.

Graphic Design Technology
Program of Study

Our Graphic Design Technology program is a two-year program designed to prepare you for entry-level employment and advancement in the field of graphic design. The curriculum emphasizes digital technology in its instruction of design and execution of typography, layouts, professional illustration, color theory, industry-specific production, digital imaging, and logo design.

General STEM
Area of Study

Our General STEM Area of Study will prepare you for the jobs of the future. Hinds CC offers transferable courses and certifications to start your educational journey for careers such as mechanical engineer, roboticist, software developer, educator, wildlife biologist, marine scientist, physician, and chemical engineer.

Film & Video Technology
Program of Study

Our Film and Video Technology program, offered on the Rankin Campus, provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to find employment in the film and video industry. The program will give you the insight you need to work on feature films, television commercials, music videos, documentary films, internet multimedia, and other audiovisual media.

Entertainment Industry Mechanics
Program of Study

Our Entertainment Industry Mechanics program, offered at the Utica Campus, will prepare you for a career in the entertainment industry. Throughout the curriculum, you will engage in hands-on training, providing you with the skills needed for the industry, including digital sound, lighting, editing, and stagecraft.

Area of Study

Through the Engineering Area of Study, you will be introduced to the general engineering curriculum that builds the foundation for upper-level engineering specialties when you transfer to a four-year school. The courses also complete the general education requirements for most baccalaureate degrees.

Emergency Medical Technician
Short-Term Course

Our Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course is specifically designed for you to start your path as an EMT. This one-semester course is offered each fall and spring semester as an entry-level and foundational course in emergency medical sciences. Upon completion, you will be eligible to take the EMT National Registry exam.

Elementary Education
Area of Study

The Elementary Education Area of Study provides courses that prepare you for transfer into any of the Mississippi accredited university options for educator preparatory programs. You will receive the general core requirements that prepare you to transition into university course work, clinical experiences, and research-based practices to be a highly qualified educator. Introductory courses in education will allow you to explore the teaching profession and the powerful impact of schooling as both a transmitter of culture and a powerful agent for change.

Electronics Technology
Program of Study

When you graduate from our Electronics Technology program, you will be capable of correlating the activities of scientific research, engineering, and production for a wide variety of occupational fields and will possess the capability of working and communicating directly with engineers, scientists, and other technical personnel in their specialized areas.

Electro-Mechanical Technology
Program of Study

Our Electro-Mechanical Technology curriculum includes a program of study for a career certificate, technical certificate, and an Associate of Applied Science Degree. When you graduate, you’ll be prepared to enter the job market in a variety of areas. In our program, you will receive basic instruction in a wide variety of areas including safety, machinery maintenance, troubleshooting/service, blueprint reading, basic machining, fundamentals of industrial electricity, CAD, fluid power, industrial controls, and PLC programming.