August 4, 2021

Nursing/allied health students graduate from Hinds CC

“This accomplishment you are here celebrating today is the result of choosing everyday not to give up."
BY: Cathy Hayden

PEARL – Referencing obstacles that students have gone through such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Hinds Community College student graduation speaker Chase Keenan reminded fellow nursing and allied health graduates of how well they have persevered.

“This accomplishment you are here celebrating today is the result of choosing everyday not to give up. No matter how hot the fire got or how many times it felt like life was striking you, you did what it took every day to forge yourself into someone stronger and more powerful,” said Keenan, 23, of Brandon.

Keenan earned an Associate in Applied Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. At Hinds, Keenan served as vice president of the Student Government Association at the Jackson Campus-Nursing/Allied Health Center.

A total 593 Hinds Community College students graduated in one of three ceremonies on July 30 with 320 students choosing to participate in one of the ceremonies. Hinds awarded a total of 700 credentials, with some students earning more than one credential.

Of the total 593 graduates, 85 graduated cum laude, 53 graduated magna cum laude and 69 graduated summa cum laude.

Delivering the invocation and benediction was Daryl Carson, 47, of Vicksburg, who earned a degree from the Associate Degree Nursing program. Carson served in the Student Nurse Organization and the National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (N-OADN) Alpha Delta Nu honor society.

Hinds President Dr. Stephen Vacik reminded graduates of the importance of their education.

“The power of education is that it drives our vision for a better life,” he said. “Our vision as an institution is that Hinds will serve as a catalyst to create a compelling culture – right here in Mississippi.

“And, while the graduates who sit upon this stage today represent a diverse set of circumstances, they are connected by their belief that a community college education is a step up to a broader opportunity, to build a better life, and to contribute to the communities we live in,” Dr Vacik said.

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