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Veteran dean wins 3E award

“I feel honored and grateful – emotional and happy – to have been selected for this special award. Of course, I do recognize that I am no worthier of this distinction than hundreds of other Hinds employees; however, that anyone believes me deserving is rewarding beyond measure.”

Pearl student overcomes visual impairment to graduate

“She is the most courageous person I know. She has never let any of her hurdles stop her or slow her down. She continues to push through life and continue to accomplish everything that she feels she should,” Hudson said.

Student, part-time employee selected for tech event

“Being chosen for something like this makes me feel that my hard work is paying off as I’ve been attending Hinds as a full-time student and working part-time in the Student Services area on the Raymond campus since last summer,”

Campus involvement helps student grow, achieve

“I was one of seven kids growing up, so I’ve always been around them,” she said. “I love seeing those little ‘a-ha’ moments when they figure something out and get interested in learning. I was homeschooled and helped my mom teach my siblings.

Hinds helps allied health student on career path

Bolton has attended Hinds on three scholarships and is president of the Alpha Iota Kappa chapter of Phi Theta Kappa honor society at the Jackson Campus-Nursing/Allied Health Center.