Modern Computing and Cybersecurity Club

Organization’s Purpose

  • To promote a healthy awareness, including acceptable use and industry-recognized security practices, of IT and cybersecurity among members, students, faculty, and the community.
  • To promote collaboration and discussion of technology, cybersecurity topics, and current events to strengthen social interactions.
  • To promote the ideals of Netiquette and good sportsmanship when engaged in online and other technology-based activities.
  • To provide a variety of technology and cybersecurity activities in which students may participate. (i.e. workshops/conferences, competitions, school outreach, etc.)
  • To promote the acceptance and use of new technology to improve social interactions as well as improve how others go about tasks in both work and everyday life.

The Modern Computing and Cybersecurity Club (MC3) has chapters on the Rankin and Raymond campuses. All Hinds Community College students are encouraged to participate in the club. The primary purpose of this organization is to promote an environment for the advancement of knowledge, understanding, and use of technology with a focus on IT security.


David Rose
James Finch