Going Above & Beyond

Moving People & Communities Forward

All Hinds Community College employees are in a position to make a difference in the lives of the people served in our community. IDEAList is a recognition program that will reward employees who model the IDEALS identified in our Values. These individuals will be recognized for going above and beyond a job description to model our mission and vision.


The college’s mission includes moving people and communities forward by helping develop their purpose, passion and profession. Hinds Community College employees should aspire to follow the IDEALS: Integrity, Diversity, Excellence, Accountability, Leadership and Stewardship.

IDEALS - Integrity, Diversity, Excellence, Accountability, Leadership, Stewardship. IDEAList Hinds Community College

How To Nominate Someone

All customers of the College: Students, parents, alumni, businesses, industries, community groups, vendors, colleagues, etc., can nominate individuals who are IDEALists. This program is designed to promote good customer service both internally and externally while continuing to recognize job performance, professionalism, and participation in community service and activities.

Eligibility Requirements
  1. The employee must be nominated by Students, parents, alumni, businesses, industries, community groups, vendors and colleagues.
  2. The employee should model the IDEALS as identified in the HCC Values.
  3. The employee must have been employed at Hinds for a minimum of 1 year to be eligible.
  4. The employee should be in good standing based on personnel file review.
  5. The employee should meet or exceed expectations in their most recent Performance Appraisal.
  6. The employee should participate in community service activities. (ex. Hinds Cares Day, Campus Clean-up, etc.).
Nomination Process
  1. Complete the IDEAList Nomination Form and submit to Human Resources. Include the following:
    • Employee name
    • Department/position
    • Brief explanation of why they should be recognized
    • Respond to Yes/No statements
  2. Submit form to
  3. Nomination form is sent to direct supervisor for evaluation of employee. Supervisor evaluation is based on the HCC Values – IDEALS.
  4. Supervisor returns form to
  5. Human Resources reviews employee personnel file for verification of the following:
    • Performance appraisal rating
    • Formal grievance on file
    • Performance Improvement Plan on file
    • Length of employment
    • Participation in community service – ex. Hinds Cares Day, Campus Clean-up, etc.
  6. Completed nomination forms are totaled and the top 10 are submitted to ELT for review.
  7. In the event that there is a tie, ELT will evaluate and rank nominees.
  8. Top 10 highest scores will be recognized as HCC IDEALists for the Fall and Spring for a total of 20 IDEALists.
  9. Employees will be recognized in their department with a surprise visit from the IDEAList committee and will receive a small gift at that time. During Employee Appreciation each spring all 20 recipients will be recognized and will receive a plaque.

Nominate Your IDEAList

Let us know who you feel embodies the qualities of a Hinds IDEAList.