August 24, 2023

Hinds CC students jump into fall classes

“Over time I grew to love the people"
BY: Rhonda Dunaway

RAYMOND – Hinds Community College students started the first day of classes with a few jitters, but they were mostly excited about being on campus, meeting new people and starting adult life with a foundation based in education and new skill sets.

Classes began at all six Hinds campuses on Aug. 14. Late registration continues through this week.

Gloria Annan, 20, is from Ghana, Africa and is a returning sophomore. She is finishing up her prerequisites to transfer to the nursing program at University of Mississippi Medical Center after finishing at Hinds. She’s been a RA – resident assistant – at Hinds and a member of the dance troupe Montage, but she said this semester she wanted to focus on her studies.

“I am very close to finishing,” Annan said. She said she chose Hinds in the beginning for the price of tuition but said the thing that brought her back was the access to great instructors who have proven that they care about her.

“I am learning everything with English being a second language,” said Annan, “so some of the classes are really hard, but my instructors have given me the support I need to be successful,” Annan said.

Both Zac Camby, 20, of Brandon and Cameron Rayborn, 17, of Pelahatchie, are Brandon High School graduates and came to Hinds to study music education.

Camby, a sophomore, plays an instrument that looks like a large French horn and a trumpet combined called the Euphonium. He said he came to Hinds the first semester for the economic value, and it was close to home. But what brought him back was what he gained as a member of the Eagle Marching Band.

“Over time I grew to love the people,” Camby said, “I really love the music program, too, it’s a really good program.”

Rayborn plays the French horn and snare drum. He said a summer band camp is what sold him on the music program at Hinds.

“I chose Hinds because it was close to home and I could commute,” Rayborn said. “But I also chose it because I have a lot of friends that have come here and they said the program here is awesome, and then I came here to band camp. That has shown me that this an amazing program. So, I’m excited.”

On the Hinds Vicksburg Campus Danny Robinson joined nine other men in the first step to a career by starting the Electrical Technology program at the Vicksburg-Warren Campus.

“I plan to get a job in the electrical field, working with Entergy on power lines,” he said.

Instructor Scott Welch started class off by explaining what he expected of them but also what they can expect if they focus and do well in his program.

“Just like at work, you work as a team. When you graduate and leave here and get a job, you’re going to work with people. You’re going to be a team. That’s the same process here,” he said.
“This class is to help bring you to a point of entrance level electrical job.”

On the other end of the spectrum, students in the third semester practical nursing program, including Mikayla Ellis, Courtney Williams and Miyah Jackson, all of Vicksburg, will graduate in December.

“It’s the first day of the last semester,” said Ellis, with a wide smile.