September 11, 2017

Hinds CC launches link to help Mississippians finish degree

RAYMOND – A better future is a click away for thousands of Mississippians who have some college coursework under their belts but are still short of a degree. Hinds Community…
BY: Danny Barrett Jr.

RAYMOND – A better future is a click away for thousands of Mississippians who have some college coursework under their belts but are still short of a degree. Hinds Community College is among the state’s higher education institutions partnering to help those Mississippians complete their degrees in order to compete in today’s job market.


Complete 2 Compete, launched in August by the Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning (known informally as the state College Board), provides information and resources available to help working-age adults in the state return to college and complete requirements necessary to earn their degrees. The site is accessible at

Current or former Hinds Community College students can check into their progress toward a degree at

“Degree completion and student success are our goals at Hinds Community College,” said Stephanie Hudson, district Dean for Student Advancement and district Registrar. “C2C participants will get personalized assistance with the Admissions and Registration processes to ensure they are able to take advantage of all of the resources available to them and complete their degree in the shortest amount of time possible.”

The Complete 2 Compete website will serve as an important resource for thousands of Mississippians:

  • More than 2,400 former students age 21 or over have enough credits to earn a bachelor’s degree with no additional coursework.
  • An additional 28,000 students have enough credits to earn an associate degree with no additional coursework.
  • More than 100,000 former students can earn either an associate or bachelor’s degree with some additional coursework.

“As a statewide initiative, Complete 2 Compete has the potential to impact hundreds of thousands of Mississippians,” said Dr. Andrea Mayfield, Executive Director, Mississippi Community College Board. “Expanding career and wage opportunities are just two, of many, benefits of Complete 2 Compete. I am excited to see this collaborative effort become a reality. Without the partnership and efforts of many, this initiative would not be possible. I look forward to the positive impact on individuals, employers, and Mississippi’s economy.”

There is no cost for submitting information through the C2C website and doing so may help an individual determine how close they are to completing degree requirements. Depending on what programs are needed to satisfy an individual’s career and educational interests, the Complete 2 Compete website will match potential students to a list of schools that offer the classes needed to complete a degree.

Tuition and fees for enrollment in courses may be assessed according to the established tuition and fee schedule at each institution. Some incentives, including academic forgiveness, virtual tutoring, adult learner scholarships and tuition assistance, prior learning assessment and repayment plan options may be available at some of the institutions.

“Complete 2 Compete will grow our skilled, educated workforce, in turn growing economic development across the state,” said Gov. Phil Bryant. “This partnership will ensure Mississippi remains attractive to business and industry looking for a favorable tax climate and a workforce ready to excel on day one. I am grateful to everyone involved in making it a reality.”

Mississippi public universities, the Mississippi Community College Board and the Mississippi Association of Community and Junior Colleges are partners in the effort to identify target groups, implement adult learner services and re-engage adult students to help them complete their degrees.

The Mississippi Department of Human Services has provided funding through a grant designed to help low-income Mississippians improve their job skills. An additional grant for the program has been provided by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security.

“This website provides important information that can have life-changing results for many Mississippians,” said Dr. Glenn Boyce, Commissioner of Higher Education. “Workforce studies have shown that the vast majority of future jobs will go to those with a post-secondary degree or credential of value beyond high school. I would encourage individuals to access this website as it could be an important first step in helping them achieve a goal that will ultimately lead to a better, higher-paying job and greater job and financial security.”